Even guys with broken ankles need to get their dicks sucked.

Casanova fucked up his leg and was getting around town on crutches – but he was still down to bust his nut.  I got that whore pig Kyle Ferris to give up his mouth and work the horny man’s junk.

Of course that was after a couple of shots of Smirnoff downed from a TIM cumshot glass.

Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.

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Alex Camp blown by Brock Rustin #timsuck

On February 4, 2017, in TIMSUCK, by Max Sohl

Part of the last week’s special TIMSUCK double feature.

Brock Rustin gets to feast on Alex Camp’s amazing dick.

Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.

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Twink bottom Alex Killborn gets worked over and bred by muscle daddies Hans Berlin and Carlos Alexander.  They take turns pounding this kid’s boy hole until both loads of cum are deep up his gut.

Check it out now.  Only on TIMFUCK.

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Jake Dixon told me he LOVES to suck cock and swallow cum.  Luke Harding LOVES to get his dick sucked and balls licked and was happy to feed the hungry cocksucker his load.

Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.

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I love how much Mica Medina loves cock.

I asked Mica to come over and work on the fat uncut meat of both Latino stallions Hugo Diaz and Quiqo Brick (who had the most interesting cock body modification I’ve ever seen).

He’s like a kid in a candy store – and I have to say my favorite part is the gleeful way in which Mica edges these guys with his mouth, tongue and hands.

By the end – Hugo and Quigo are begging to cum and Mica’s no idiot – by holding them off he gets to really nice loads to swallow from each of these guys.

Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.

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ROMANCE #bruthaload

On January 4, 2017, in BRUTHALOAD, by Max Sohl

I think everyone can use a little Romance in their lives.

I got him up to New York for  TAKE THAT BLACK DICK WHITE BOY and stopped by his hotel room to record him jerking off.

Check him out – only at BRUTHALOAD.COM.

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Hot man Alex Camp #timjack

On December 28, 2016, in TIMJACK, by Max Sohl

Alex Camp is one hot middle eastern man with one huge motherfucking dick.


I was lucky enuf to get him on video jerking off.


Who else wants that cock breeding their hole?

Check it out now.  Only on TIMJACK.

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The Sword just announced their Top 10 Porn Movies of 2016.

Fuck yeah.  Not one, but TWO Max Sohl movies in the Top 5.  Not too shabby.

#1: “Flooded” from Treasure Island Media
Directed by Max Sohl

Featuring: Derek Parker, Drilla, Eddie, Erik Grant, Esteban, Jack Allen, Jacob Lee, Kyle Ferris, Lukas Cipriani, Luke Harding, Luke Tyler, Marcus Isaacs, Owen Powers, Rob Yaeger, Rocco Steele, Sam Bridle, Sean Parker, Shane Frost, Tommy DeLuca, Trevor Snow, & Wes Stevens

#4: “Fuck Holes 3” from Treasure Island Media
Directed by Max Sohl

Featuring: A.J., Darrell Bass, Tony Bishop, Sam Bridle, Lukas Cipriani, Ryan Cummings, Tommy DeLuca, Flynn Evans, Kyle Ferris, Gavin Greene, Eric Hassan, Jesse James, Eric Klein, Lukas Knight, Eki Lewis, Toby Nelson, Sami Price, Siouxsie Q, Saul, Gage Sin, Rocco Steele, Michael Vegas, Rob Yaeger, Yury, James X, & Kobra X

I thank all your dicks.

Rafael Carreras breeds Cody Winter #TIMFUCK

On December 22, 2016, in TIMFUCK, by Max Sohl

I love it when Rafael Carreras comes to town and wants to fuck some hole on camera.

He was immediately obsessed with Cody Winter’s ass – just as much as Cody was with Rafael’s big uncut meat.

Check it out now.  Only on TIMFUCK.

BIG REDD #bruthaload

On December 21, 2016, in BRUTHALOAD, by Max Sohl

I really enjoyed working with BIG REDD when he did his scenes for TAKE THAT BLACK DICK WHITE BOY.  That man knows how to fuck an ass.

It was a pleasure to get him alone with that big cock of his and watch him jerk a load out.

Shall we talk about those big low hanging balls?

Check him out – stroking his dick for you – only at BRUTHALOAD.COM.

Peace.  Big Redd out.

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