Ode to Kurt Wood – Part 1

On September 10, 2010, in Max's Stable, by Max Sohl

Who says Jewish guys don’t have big dicks?

Treasure Island Media exclusive KURT WOOD first appeared (and made a memorable impression) in Christian’s 24 Cocks in 24 Hours jack hammering Christian in a bathroom with his 10-inch cock.

Last December we shot a solo JO scene and Paul Morris sent me a message that said, “Tell me more about this man.  He sure knows how to have fun.”  That pretty much encapsulates the spirit of Kurt Wood.  The first thing that he does when arriving for any shoot is take off all his clothes.  You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to offer him an exclusive deal.  One of the few truly versatile men that I know, but with such an impressive display of manhood can you blame me for casting him as a top over and over?

If you want to see Kurt in action he is the man of the year on TIMFUCK, TIMSUCK and TIMVID topping, bottoming, getting blown and stroking his own dick – but I promise you will see him in my next DVD.

Kurt jerking off on TIMVID (March 31 update):

Kurt getting blown by Ian Jay on TIMSUCK (April 14 update):

Kurt with Jessy Karson fucking Jayden Brooks on TIMFUCK in a scene that I called MEAT FUCKERS (May 19 update):

Kurt’s cock is so big, I have to break this up into two blog entries.  More to cum soon!

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10 Responses to “Ode to Kurt Wood – Part 1”

  1. Seaguy says:

    Luv his cock, he sure let’s it be know when he is blowing his load too.

  2. Nate Reynolds says:

    I LOVE Kurt Wood! He’s always such a pleasure to have on set. He’s a true sex pig!!!!!

  3. Kurt Wood says:

    Working with TIM is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I *love* being on set with the TIM crew, and I *really* love getting seriously raw and nasty with other pigs, all on film and for the enjoyment of like-minded pigs worldwide. Thank you, Max, for making my sex-pig dreams cum true. I can’t wait to work (or is it play?) for you again soon.

  4. Darrell Ferguson says:

    God i hot fuck ‘n white top ! Kurt so fuck”n hot.

  5. Mrrules says:

    I met Kurt as an Escort in New York which he unfortunately retired from doing. We met up on the evening he did the porn shoot with Jessie Karson and Jayden Brooks. We fucked our brains out for over two hours that night! Which is what we always did anyway! I have been with this guy several times and since we are both are the rare 100% verse with huge cocks and muscle butt holes, we would fuck each other without mercy. Kurt has the sweetest cum I have ever tasted and one of the tightest holes I ever fucked. Not to mention an all around sweet and beautiful man inside and out. Riding on his monster cock is truly some of the best sex I have ever had!

  6. NYC says:

    I’d give up my BB cherry in a NY minute for Kurt.

    Hear that Kurt?

  7. Hans says:

    I loved late KURT WOOD..unfortunately he’s not among us anymore…

  8. Thealphawolfrunner says:


    I got a Q. does anybody know if Kurt has an instagram or twitter? Or maybe his real name hehe.


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