Probably the number one request over at the Paul Morris Treasure Island Media Forum (which you should go check out) was to see Tim Skyler return to in front of our cameras.

I do my best to take “audience” requests.

I brought Treasure Island Media exclusive Kurt Wood and Fyerfli and Kevin Slater and Ian Jay and newcomer Vencint Knight together to a playroom and instructed them to fuck Tim until he cried.

If you’ve ever seen Tim Skyler get fucked, you know that is unlikely to happen – although half the time he looks like he’s being tormented by the hard fucking he gets and the other half of the time he is in pig heaven bliss –  especially when the spunk begins to go into his hole.

Check out these exclusive pictures for the blog from Scene 2 of my new video SPERM ASSAULT.

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6 Responses to “Sperm Assault Scene 2 – Tim Skyler vs. The Scumdogs”

  1. Fucking hell! Thats fantastic! Cant wait to get my hands on this video… i LOVE Tim.. it was him getting fucked by groups of guys in earlier vids which sealed in fate my destiny as a bareback cum dump… any guy who takes loads from multiple tops and doesnt care about the risks is a hero in my eyes!

    Well done Max Sohl and TIM for producing yet MORE of the hottest porn around!


  2. eric says:

    is Ian Jay a top now? can’t believe this!!!

  3. ericthewriter says:

    one thing i’ve noticed is that when guys who work for other studios film with TIM, they’re just better. tim skyler is one of those. i hate to see him not being used correctly. you guys always do it right.

    i wish you’d make him an exclusive.

  4. Seaguy says:

    This scene is so fucking hot. Love watching Tim get fucked raw by those hung top studs.

  5. Ladfist says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Great ! Want give my ass !

  6. Trojanboy says:

    I wanna see Tim Skyler getting a piss bang next or being blackballed by a load of black studs.

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