stealth breeding

On December 19, 2011, in cutting room floor, Unreleased, by Max Sohl

sometimes we work on scenes that are deleted from a video in the final stages before the movie comes out and they go into the TIM abyss never to be heard from again.  until now.

here’s some free porn from the cutting room floor.

at one time this little scene was an entrée act to UP THE GUT, but we killed it (for reasons that hopefully will be obvious).

merry fucking christmas.


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71 Responses to “stealth breeding”

  1. me says:

    this looks staged. I kinda did this once to a super hot straight army guy. he’s a tranny chaser and I’m a very pretty cross dresser. total bottom and impeccably clean shit hole. he let me eat blueberries out of it. I bit a hole in the condom before I put it on. I know I’m clean cuz I only play safe. but his ass was so meaty and bodacious and he was such a hot bottom I just had to feel it on my raw cock at least for a sec. I fucked him raw for about a minute and then just threw another condom on without him knowing. the most delectable asshole I’ve ever had.

  2. steven says:

    Why film it if you aren’t going to use it? And then to show it here?

  3. Marcus says:

    Didnt understand. You use two cameras so the bottom i think was an actor.
    Second thing: he surely felt that the top didnt use condom from a certain point. So what is the sense of this movie?

  4. DickMann859 says:

    Seems hypocritical on the part ot TIM if you ask me. Shame on you.

  5. juan says:

    Marcus, you are a hard boy. Try to understand, is only a movie. Is not a documentary.

  6. Joe says:

    OMG that is the HOTTEST thing ever. I had a regular trick who admitted to me years later that he was only “pretending” to fuck me with a rubber. He had an elaborate way of getting me to think he was fucking me with a condom. He thought I was going to be pissed off and instead I was all excited he had been breeding me for a year and I didn’t even know it!

  7. barbusex75 says:

    Hi this scene concept is good. OK the blown pimple on his thigh covered with a strap is a total turn off! LOL.
    I would think you should recycle this idea in a next movie…

    I believe you don’t use evrything you film because you do’nt know in advance is the magic with go through the camera….. right?

    Happy X mas

  8. Tiger Milner says:

    Staged or not, that was hot as hell. It is probably wrong to trick a guy into thinking you are using a condom, but that is what makes this super hot. I’ve ran that same ad and taken dozens of loads from men in this exact scenario, and I”ve even convinced a few to skip or pull off the condom before shooting. I love it. I recognized the shamrock tatoo on the tops ass from way back. I’ve seen him breed Dawson on his early gangbang flicks. He looks better now. Hot bottom.

  9. John says:

    I had a trick in my early days that insisted on rubbers. I used to put it on, then peel it off when I was lubing up. I blew loads in him for two years before he found out. Now, being older and a much better person than in my youth, I feel bad about it. But it was always so hot shooting up his gut.

  10. Brandon North says:

    Yup… pretty obvious why…

  11. Rich says:

    Why the fucking rubber. Seeds need to be deep in that ass.

  12. Mexican Raw Top says:

    who’s the bottom?

  13. Mexican Raw Top says:

    I want him. I’m in Brooklyn, Where can I find him?

    • Max Sohl says:

      Sorry Mexican Raw Top – you’d have to go to England to breed him – but feel free to contact us about being in a video so your load can go in the hole of some other lucky fuckhole.

  14. Tiger Milner says:

    Thanks, I just came again watching this clip! So Hot!

  15. Eric says:

    Fantastic! One of the horneist things I have ever seen. LOVED IT. Don’t care if it was staged or not – looked real to me. PLEASE release this on DVD. Thanks.

  16. Mexican Raw Top says:

    sounds good, let me know when.

  17. NYCPissBear says:

    OK, it was pretty obvious that this was a staged scene. That doesn’t change that it feeds a fairly common fantasy among bugchasers, and is very hot porn. I suspect it wasn’t included in the final video because too many disclaimers would have to be run before it, ruining the impact of the scene. Maybe it can have video software life as a bonus track on a sampler some time. Frankly, I’d love to have it in a video filled with scenes just like this one…biohazard tatts making it even more taboo and consequently desirable.

  18. JustProwling says:

    Max, on behalf of us NOT bitching like twits; thank you for the free scene! It is greatly appreciated. 😉

  19. Mexican Raw Top says:


  20. claude says:

    would like to see a real stealth fuck
    reading iblastinside stories

    get me fucking hooooot

  21. Rich says:

    so you didn’t get any pre cum in his ass while fuckin it raw?

  22. Angel says:

    Man this is why it sucks living in an island, I would love to put up an add and stay 3 fucking days of just letting people come over fuck me and then leaving, and if it was videotaped even better, more hot. Anon sex is the hottest there is. Shame i’m not there. I haven’t seem someones as eager as me or cum hungry as me on film.

  23. J Tyler says:

    Come on people – why so serious? It is just a very hot scene! TIM does people’s darkest fantasies so well, and this is one for many people out there. It probably was staged – it’s PORN, not actual voyerism! Can’t we just enjoy it for what it is?
    Releasing a deleted scene like this for the most hardcore fans is going to delight many and is sure to become a cult hit. I think it’s looks hot!

  24. Doug says:

    Thanks for the free scene…wasn’t said enough, so THANKS! It’s a common fantasy I think because most of us are trying to play safe when in fact we have a HUGE desire for another man’s cum. Personally that was almost my perfect fantasy…only thing that would have me bust a nut harder is that once the condom is off and he slides back in that pins the guy pretty good so that he can whisper in his ear “Just took it off, time to breed that ass like you really want” and watch his half-hearted struggle as he gets his ass fucked harder and finally bred!! THAT is my top fantasy right there. Done it before as a top and always wanted to live it out as a bottom too…HOT!

    • Doug says:

      Did it again…I couldn’t get this out of my head and decided to hit Craigslist for a “face down/ass up and ready” bottom like those pages are riddled with and found one. Headed over and could tell I wasn’t the first one that had been there that morning. That nice open hole just asking for a good dicking and he got it. Played it out just like I want done to me and got it going good before I went for the bare breeding and sure enough…he didn’t even put up a fight when it came time for me to tell him that I was about to bred him and had slipped off the condom! We’re all sluts at heart just waiting for someone to call us out on it and do something about it. Just thought I’d share with this select few who I know could appreciate it!

  25. Newbboy84 says:

    I have shot to this more times that I can count. This is literally one of my favorite scenes ever. I want a top to do this to me. And speaking of tops, I would let this guy pump his stealth load into my ass anytime. Does anyone know his name or if he is in any other videos?

    • Max Sohl says:

      The top is named JUSTIN and you can see him in quite a few videos of mine and on
      He is in LOADED as a no face top, Christian’s 24 Cocks in 24 Hours and – I have to double check but I think FUCK HOLES 2. You can also find him on rentboy – look for the shamrock 🙂

    • Justin says:

      Hey I’m the top you were asking about “Justin”
      Glad you liked it so much. More videos to come.

  26. Jesus_fckr says:

    WE’RE TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA! We ONLY shoot REAL porn, with REAL men fucking REAL style, TOTALLY undirected and unscripted!

    What a load of horse shit. TIM has become what they originally were against. You’re peddling fantasy now rather than reality.

  27. Muscularblkhung says:

    I loved the scene. As for TIM, started watching their vids about 4 years ago, and my only complaint is : They have ruined me for ever watching porn where a condom is used. Literally, I don’t care how into the vid I am, the minute I see a condom, I’m done. Lets not even discuss, the ridiculous story lines and porn actors who seem to be hooked of phonics trying to deliver their lines. Nope, I prefer just raw fucking w/ natural banter , the way Treasure Island does.

    • Jesus_fckr says:

      Natural. Wow, yeah, no, TIM is a pretty awful offender. I remember in one video a guy smoking a cigar blowing smoke up some bottom’s ass. “FUCK YEAH–NOW THAT’S A GAR-HOLE, BOY.”

      …I have no idea what that even fucking means.

      • Max Sohl says:

        thanks jesus-fckr we love you too.

      • Jason says:

        That’s called a non-scripted comment, and the slip of a human tongue. Remember earlier when you accused TIM of becoming scripted and set-up? I doubt everything you’ve ever said has come out exactly like you thought it would. Go away and go watch some boring, condom porn with tan, bleach blond twinks pretending they like getting fucked while their faces show that they’re clearly in pain. Treasure Island Media is for men. If you’re bitching about it, you’re not a man.

  28. jeansmith says:

    Well, it’s not bad, but definitely staged. Not like others I’ve seen: If you really want to film stealth, prick the condom and let nature run its course. 😉
    The money shot is more in the mind fuck than an actual cumshot in this sense: and you’ll certainly draw the “right” or wrong Crowds 😉 This deleted scene will likely show itself in a compilation later…

    keep it goin’

  29. jbb says:

    It sucks that none of the stream capture programs seem to work with this FlowPlayer platform right now. But CamStudio recorder is a free open source screen capture utility that works great to get both the audio and video! I know Microsoft is dumping Flash in the future. It totally sucks how Flash can crash and slow your computer down to such a crawl you feel like you’re browsing on AOL back in 1998.

  30. Gingerboy says:

    Max or anyone,

    Are there other videos like this? This is seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!!!

    Any recommendations?

  31. Drew says:

    was it because it was too short??

  32. Spermpig says:

    I’m not sure why this wasn’t included– it’s a hot fucking scene!! Sure it’s fantasy an all, so no harm no foul.

    Next time you could have the bottom blindfolded, and have the top hold a small handheld– like he’s sneak filming the stealthing!

  33. jason says:

    I want to do a porn like this where my bf lets all these strangers come in and fuck me and i think they are using condoms but really are breeding me over and over if anyone has connections to help me get this porn made email me 30 yo jock here

  34. Muirmaster says:

    Very hot scene – love it!

  35. Andy says:

    Very hot. I have seen the top around town – always had a little crush on him.

  36. Dan says:

    I’ve enjoyed this several times and have it bookmarked to find it easier. Would have loved to be able to download it tomy iPad but oh well.

    The top is sexy as hell, the bottom is enjoying himself.

    I understand the reason for the omition, however it would have been a nice start to the movie.

    Thanks for sharing it and someday will look forward to a scene like this in a future TIM feature.

  37. Dan says:

    very hot! does anyone know where I can find movies like this on the net?

  38. manjuicer says:

    All you really have to do is cut a small hole at the tip of the condom before you put it on, put on some lube and slide it in. The condom will slide down to the base of your dick and the dude youre fucking has no idea you doing him raw….I do it all the time.

    • manjuicer says:

      Even better if the dude sees you putting on the rubber…just hold the tip to cover the hole as you put it on. After you breed his hot ass, pull it off and throw it in a wastebasket. I have so fucked so many married guys this way…even a cop.

  39. D@NYC says:

    I’ve been on both ends of stealth…once with a guy I was seriously dating the condom broke (might have been an accident). The other time a guy I met through a phone line (long time ago) was fiddling around just as I was about to blow. When I’d finished he announced “the bag fell off.” He could have just told me that’s what he wanted…

    • NYGG says:

      I think I topped the same bottom guy — east side in NYC? Latin or mixed race? I feel less stupid now…not that I really minded at the time, it was hot. But pretty weird way to get bred…

  40. Rick says:

    I would like to volunteer my ass if you guys ever come to Australia,
    I will take as many cocks as you can supply and as much cum as you can shoot.

  41. Ephraim says:

    Personally, I loved the scene and the kinky theme/story for it. Haha, sucks we have such uptight and squeamish individuals out there who would stamp out the fantasy (or reality, if that’s the case) for others.

    Maybe one day you won’t have to adhere to the moral ruler of others and can do your own thing completely. Good luck 😀

  42. John says:

    Where did the video go? Anyway to see it? Please!

  43. topjocknyc says:

    any updates on when this video might return, mr. max? would love to see it again.

  44. topjockz says:

    hey mr max, any update on when this video might reappear? it’s one of the best!

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