We unearthed this crazy treasure trove of scenes from the Treasure Island Media archive vaults that were never released and never seen.

Until now.

Featuring some of our favorite TIM men like Dawson, Christian, Dan Fisk, Derek Anthony, Matt Walker, Seth Scott, Jonas, Jacob Scott, James Roscoe, Jerry Stearns, Ben Archer, Tom McCarthy and more.
















On June 30, 2012, in PARK & RIDE, by Max Sohl

there was so much goin on this week and in the middle of it all my new gem of a movie PARK & RIDE was released on wednesday.

currently available for download-to-own and pre-orders for the DVD

here’s some more of what’s in it

caedon chase rocks this vid bottoming in several scenes

eddie stands out fucking in 2 scenes

and you will fall in love with logan stevens and antonio biaggi who had the balls to fuck in the back of a moving car in midtown rush hour traffic

thats probably right after you are finished falling in love with newcomer Mike Massey – check out his pool scene in the mountains with Brad McGuire and Colin Steele

we got thrown off the property for getting lube in the pool
– i dunno what they were thinking was going to happen when treasure island is fucking by your pool 🙂

all the men in this video are spectacular i couldn’t do what i do with out them:
Christian, Colin Black, Chad Brock, Lito Cruz, LiGee, Champ Robinson, Ross Scott

thanks motherfuckers

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Treasure Island Media presents


a max sohl sex tape

Produced by Paul Morris


Antonio Biaggi

Colin Black

Chad Brock

Caedon Chase


Lito Cruz



Mike Massey

Brad McGuire

Champ Robinson

Ross Scott

Colin Steele

Logan Stevens

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where have i been?

… my next movie due out at the end of the month…

Here’s a sneek peek at some of what it looks like…

Featuring some of your favorite TIM men in ways you’ve never seen them before and some hot new pieces of ass that will have you drooling.

Outdoor sex and indoor gangbangs.  Fucking on the back of a pick-up truck.  A dungeon.  Woods.  Pools.  A Boiler Room.

And one scene shot in the middle of midtown Manhattan during rush hour!

Antonio Biaggi, Colin Black, Chad Brock, Caedon Chase, Christian, Lito Cruz, Eddie, LiGee, Mike Massey, Brad McGuire, Champ Robinson, Ross Scott, Colin Steele and Logan Stevens

Pre-release scene “TAG TEAM” with Christian, Lito Cruz and Eddie is available online NOW!!!

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manfuck manifesto

On January 6, 2012, in Brad McGuire, Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media, by Max Sohl

omg we can not stop jerking off to paul morris’ new movie

Brad McGuire, BJ Slater, Damon Dogg, Derek Anthony, Ethan Wolfe, Jackson Taylor, Ian Jay, John Sullivan, Ray Dalton, Matt Sizemore and so many more…


lost and found

On January 4, 2012, in Brad McGuire, Treasure Island Media, by Max Sohl

i came across these old never-before-seen fotos i snapped during the shooting of Brad McGuire’s 20 Hole Weekend.

brad relaxes in a hotel robe.
this was the first shoot Ian Jay did with Treasure Island Media.
we drink water and smoke kools.

ah chris neal whereforeartthou?
that is not my hand.

I shot this great 1-on-1 with Brad McGuire and Lucas during the UP THE GUT sessions and we decided to offer it as a special TIMFUCK exclusive scene to coincide with the video.

If watching Lucas offer up his sweet hole has wet your appetite for more – then check out Brad McGuire using his ass to get off.  Now.  Only on TIMFUCK.

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On September 14, 2011, in Up The Gut, by Max Sohl


Featuring TIM Exclusives: Christian, Cory Koons, Brad McGuire, and Kurt Wood

Starring: Lucas, Antonio Biaggi, HotRod, Tyler Marks, Ben, Dieder, Donato, Eddie, Paris Jackson, Ian Jay, Kurt Kaiser, Keer, LiGee, Dimitri Santiago, Luke Thomas, Angyl Valentino, Alejandro Wilde, and introducing Puppy.

Check out the free trailer below:

dicks and asses and cumshots, oh my

On February 23, 2011, in Cumming Soon, by Max Sohl

Dicks and asses and cumshots, oh my.

Paul Morris once referred to the editing process as killing the babies.  That’s where you have 4 hours of footage and you have to cut it down to a multi-cum-inducing 1 hour 45 taking the best of the best and leaving the rest of the rest.

I’ve been killing those damned babies for weeks now.

Here’s a sneak peek of the hot stuff that’s to cum.

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Open Your Hole

On February 7, 2011, in Shut The Fuck Up, by Max Sohl

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

Somebody has too much time on their hands.