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Hmmmm.  I mean, Roxxxy Andrews does have a triple X in her name…

Check out John Prolly’s Full Recap of last night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 here. [SPOILER ALERT!!!]

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Check out Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend here.

Check out Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend here.

The second installment of LOST UNRELEASED SEX TAPES – Volume 2 is now on sale.

Featuring 7 scenes from the infamous TIM vault – never before seen.

Featuring many of our All-Star Hall-of-Fame exclusives: Derek Anthony, Christian, Dan Fisk, Brad McGuire, Jerry Stearns, Will and the last unreleased scene we have of DAWSON; and some TIM favorites over the years including Damon Darko, Fyerfli, Steve Parker and many many more.



Executive Producer: Paul Morris

Producer: Max Sohl


Allen Adams
John Andrews
Derek Anthony*
Tyler Becker
Damon Darko
Sean Erickson
Dan Fisk*
DJ Hunter
CJ Michaels
Devlin Michaels
Steve Parker
Tiger Samson
Jerry Stearns*
Jay Taylor
Steve Tuck
Bruce West
Jake Wood

* Treasure Island Media Exclusive



We unearthed this crazy treasure trove of scenes from the Treasure Island Media archive vaults that were never released and never seen.

Until now.

Featuring some of our favorite TIM men like Dawson, Christian, Dan Fisk, Derek Anthony, Matt Walker, Seth Scott, Jonas, Jacob Scott, James Roscoe, Jerry Stearns, Ben Archer, Tom McCarthy and more.















I AM: Owen Powers

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HARD CUTS 2 Pre Release Scene

Owen Powers has wanted to be a TIM Stud for as long as he can remember. Inspired by the legendary DAWSON, Owen got his gangbang cherry popped by none other than SHANE FROST, ERIK GRANT, TREVOR SNOW and ROCCO STEELE in Max Sohl’s FLOODED. While Owen is mostly a cumdump bottom on screen, when he finds men willing to take his thick cock he happily obliges. Read more about the Go Go dancer and bubble-butt bottom Below! 

TIM: How long have you wanted to be a TIM model? What made you submit your application and go through with the process?

Owen Powers: Well since the beginning of time I’ve wanted to work with TIM.  I believe the very first scene I saw by TIM was Churning The Butter (from Paul Morris’s film LOADED). Seeing Dawson get plowed and seeded by a group of guys, then watch the juicy loads in his hole get “churned” with more fucking just looked like HEAVEN to me – All I  could think about was damn I wish that was my ass! When I was younger I wanted to do porn but just didn’t have the confidence to do so.  Now that I have passed the age of 30 and have gone through many life-changing events, I decided I’m hot enough now and have the confidence, so I might as well take my chance in doing it [porn] now!

When my 2-year relationship ended with my last partner I moved to Florida and started making numerous home videos of myself sucking guys off, getting my hole loaded up, cream-pied and more.  After I had quite a collection I applied on the TIM website.  Shortly after applying, I received an email from Nate Reynolds.  I spent what seemed like months emailing him my slutty videos (which he and Max Sohl loved). Finally all my determination paid off when Max asked me to come up to NYC and shoot a scene.  I can’t even describe how excited I was to get such great news! I mean working for TIM has been on my bucket list for quite sometime now.

Owen Powers from Treasure Island Media

TIM: You recently lost your gangbang cherry in a scene that will surely go down in TIM history! What was it like to film that scene of Max Sohl’s FLOODED with SHANE FROST, ERIK GRANT, TREVOR SNOW and ROCCO STEELE?

Owen Powers: Wow, after shooting that scene I had no clue it would go down in the history books of TIM! Going into the shoot I had never been to NYC before so just getting to go there was an amazing experience. Then the day of the shoot Trevor Snow and I were told to meet downstairs of the hotel to wait for the cab.  To find Shane Frost there waiting to go along too!  I have always had a thing for Shane and loved his videos so I was a bit star-struck (thanks again Nate!). Upon arrival to the site of the shoot Max pulled me aside and told me how he loved the videos I submitted. Also this was the first time to meet Erik Grant and look into those beautiful blue eyes, Damn!

But most of all I had no clue who Rocco Steele was at the time but I knew once I saw his monster of cock flop out of his pants that I would surely never forget him. I literally think my ass fell to the floor when I saw that DICK! I actually panicked a little thinking this has got to be the biggest dick I’ve ever encountered in real life!  Everything happened so quickly once we started shooting I couldn’t even get hard, but having those 4 huge cocks plowing into the depths of my hole was complete and utter bliss to me. I just thought to myself “damn I’m a lucky little slut bottom”. This scene was definitely a dream CUM TRUE. I Just couldn’t believe I lost my gang-bang cherry to such amazing studs.

FLOODED featuring Rocco Steele and Owen Powers

TIM: In your personal life are you a bottom or versatile?

Owen Powers: I will have to say I’m 85% bottom, but not by choice. Most guys say my dick is too big for them to take. I’m only 7×5.5 so I will open you up but I can’t go too deep.  I do love to top as well, especially if the guys ass I’m fucking is already full of cum. Being the big bottom that I am still very much an ass man. I love to eat ass almost just as much as sucking dick. I really love to rim my tops before they pound me out.  I also very much enjoy eating a hot cum-filled hole!

Owen Powers of Treasure Island MediaTIM: If you could bang any TIM stud past or present who would it be and why?

Owen Powers: Drew Sebastian is definitely one I would love to have bang the hell out of me. I  love how manly and daddy like he looks. I’m always very fond of a man with a bald head and a giant thick cock to go along with it. I would love to get filled with all of his seed! Also, “3-shot Eddie”(Appearing in Cum Whore and the So You Wanna Be A Cumdump TIMFUCK series). He is incredibly sexy to me and knowing that he can cum that many times is a huge turn on. I could walk around for days with his cum leaking out of me. Flynn is also my list. He’s such a sexy man and I love his moustache and big thick dick. I want him to flood me with cum and keep fucking me for as long as he possibly can.

TIM: Cut or Uncut?

Owen Powers: Well myself I am cut (except when I’m soft I do have some foreskin).  In terms of personal preference for other dicks I love both, but especially love docking and chewing on a juice foreskin. 

Owen Powers From FLOODED

TIM: What do you do in your free time?

Owen Powers: When I get free time from Go Go dancing and flying around for shoots, I’m very much a homebody and enjoy just cuddling up on the couch and watching movies. I also hang with my friends and love to cook. Since I work in night clubs most of the time on my nights off I prefer not to go out clubbing. Basically, I just live life to the fullest and do as many fun and new things as possible.  Tomorrow is never promised.

TIM: What’s in the pipeline for you in regards to shooting more stuff for TIM?

Owen Powers: I’m hoping much more is in the pipeline for me!  To make the cover of my first TIM film was out of this world, I was so ecstatic find out that news!  It would be a pleasure to work with Paul Morris as well. In closing I would have to give a shout out to my man Nate Reynolds, who helped with lots of encouragement. Also, to Max Sohl himself for going out on a limb and taking the chance on me. Finally, I’d like to thank the hung studs that POPPED MY CHERRY.

Owen Powers and Trevor Snow on TIMSuck


Three weeks ago we were thrilled to discover our favorite Drag Queen  Alaska Thunderfuck  had given Treasure Island Media a shout out in her video for American Apparel Ad Girls along side Courtney Act and Willam. In this exclusive interview with Alaska, George Habibi  learns that the rumors about Alaska and Boomer Banks are TRUE, which queen has the biggest dick, and how to fist with long fingernails. As a special treat for Alaska fans we’re taking $29.00 OFF of our two-disc Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend Collection! Just go to this link and enter discount coupon ALASKA5000 at checkout.  

George: You’ve Mentioned Dawson quite a few times in your awesome music videos so you have to tell us your secret. Have you taken more loads than Dawson?

Alaska: No, he’s a superhero of load-taking.  he has super powers, that’s why we love him so much.  I can’t do all that myself, I don’t have enough time!

George: Not even with all the travel? You don’t get to meet all the different people in the restrooms stops, on planes and stuff?

Alaska: ARE YOU Really? I  really love that that’s the vision you have of my life (Laughs). I’m gonna let you keep that vision, I’m not going to ruin it for you!

George: Are you a big fan of TIM, do you watch a lot of our videos?

Alaska: I am, I’m a huge fan. It’s a brilliant “go-to” and I think that that’s why you keep coming up in my songs because I just write whatever’s in my brain so apparently you’re on my brain all the time.

George: That’s awesome! I’m gonna send you all our videos

Alaska: I must be Drunk on Cum and a total Fucktard.

Alaska Thunderfuck Dragqueen

George: You are, you must be. That would be a great song, could you do a Beyonce parody of Drunk on Cum? That would be awesome! Just putting that out there

Alaska: OOOH that’s a good idea, i’ll put that in the notebook.

George: So another question I had is: what happens if you get a hard-on with your tuck?

Alaska: Ok, this is a huge confession but I don’t really tuck in a traditional sense.

George:  GASP! How so?

Alaska: OK well If you look at Willam and Courtney they put their balls inside them and then past the empty ball skin around themselves. I don’t do any of that because I think it’s kind of barbaric and it really hurts. I just wear a bunch of pantyhoses and and mash it down and hope it isn’t too distracting. If I do get aroused, which is hard when you’re wearing a bunch of pantyhose. But if I do it just sort of swells up and doesn’t really get out of control.

George: So it just looks like one big moose knuckle?

Alaska: Exactly!!! Its really beautiful

George: Are you fucking Boomer Banks?


Alaska: Am I fucking Boomer Banks? Well I’m not fucking him, let’s just put it that way…

George:   That definitely says a lot!  So my next question is, how hard is fisting with the long press-on  nails?

Alaska: Well, I mean I love it (Laughs). As a fisting top it works great for me but we’re still working on it in research and development.

George: Who has a bigger dick: Sharon Needles or RuPaul?

Alaska: Oh my goodness.  I don’t know for certain but probably Ru Paul. I think Ru Paul has a bigger dick than anybody.

George:  I probably have to agree with you there, Rupaul has a bigger dick than everybody.  Can you walk me through the proper way to pop? Especially in San Francisco but nobody seems to be getting it right!

Alaska: Well it’s really important and honestly I started out trying to do it which starts out further back in your mouth but it’s not proper place to do it. I was taught by Alyssa Edwards who is one of the queens of the pop. So I dedicated myself to practicing and it’s been like a year for me to learn how to do it properly. If you’re dedicated you will learn. It happens further up in the front of your mouth and your tongue goes up against the roof of your mouth and you suck all the air out and you pull it down really fast and it creates a vacuum and that’s what the pop comes from.

George: Gotcha, is it helpful when giving head?

Alaska: Well I haven’t had any complaints yet!

George: Are you a cut or uncut type of girl? What do you usually go for?

Alaska: Well I was in Europe and everyone has foreskin over there so I saw it. I judged Porn Idol which is a fully nude amateur stripper contest and I think I saw more foreskin in one night than I’ve ever seen in my whole life. But I think it’s cool, I think all dicks are cool. Whether it has a helmet on or not it’s fine by me.

George: Love that response.. Do you prefer poppers or viagra when you’re playing, or both?  Its probably not a good idea to do both at the same time

Alaska: Oh its not? Can you die from that?

George: It might lower your blood pressure to a dangerous level but who’s paying attention anyways

Alaska: Well, I’ve never tried Viagra but I tried Cialis but it was just sort of frustrating because I feel like I’m always on Cialis naturally so it was just too much boner. I’ll say poppers.

George: That’s all the questions I have for you, would you like to add anything for our fans?

Alaska: Well I just wanna say that my hit single “Ru Girl” is available on iTunes which also refers to Dawson.

George: Of course! You’re a Mothafuckin Ru Girl

Alaska: And go to American Apparel and watch our video for them “American Apparel Ad Girls”

George: We love you, we love your videos, thanks for the shout out and we hope you keep up all the awesome work

Alaska: Absoluuuuuuutly! I love YOU guys and I hope you keep up the good work.

Thanks for the shout-out Courtney Act, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Willam for the DAWSON’S 50 LOAD WEEKEND at 27 Seconds In!

TIM meets Ru Paul’s Drag Race in an epic slutty gay media convergence.

When a dude finds out I work for Treasure Island Media often the first thing they ask me what’s the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed while shooting. Usually this pops into my brain immediately:

SCENE 2: “CHURNING THE BUTTER” from our cream-pie video LOADED

We got over 20 guys into a room to fuck Dawson and cum up his butt. At the end we asked Austin Shadow and his huge fuckstick to get on the bed and have Dawson ride him so we could see all the butt babies fall out. Paul Morris was the first to coin the phrase “churning the butter“. When all of the cum started to ooze out my jaw literally hit the floor. Every single person in that room was totally mesmerized by the amount of spooge draining out of Dawson’s hole. We were all “CUM-MATIZED”!!!! It’s literally every felchers dream scenario!!! My dick is getting hard sitting here at my desk just thinking about it.

7 years later, and hundreds of scenes shot since, that scene still remains in my memory as one of the hottest things I have ever witness on a Treasure Island Media set.











Check out the LOADED trailer below:



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it seems like yesterday.

how times flies.


not many people know that in 2005 for circumstances beyond our control we had to cut one of the loads (LOAD 13 to be exact) from Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend and the version of the video that has been available for the last 9 years was 9 minutes shorter than what was originally released.

i have wanted to remaster and restore the movie back to the original for years so this seemed like the perfect time to do it once and for all.

when Dawson and I made this movie it felt like we were doing something important.


so if you haven’t seen it or you haven’t seen it lately

see how it all began…  the restored and remastered 10th Anniversary edition of Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend.


message from willam

Yes Willam, I will.


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really Doritos? #LOADED

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i think not.



Jean ‏@Jean1992Jean  Jan 31
I saw “LOADED” yesterday and OMFG… I just can say THANK U SO MUCH @TIMPorn @MaxSohlTIM and @XXXDawsonTIM Luv All
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Happy Birthday Dawson

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