Fuck Roulette

On November 20, 2010, in Musings, Paul Morris, by Max Sohl


I was talking to a Treasure Island Media fan the other day from Australia who told me he loves our FUCK ROULETTE but for some reason when he signs on primetime Australia time there aren’t many guys online.  Which kinda makes you wonder what time IS primetime JO time in Australia?

So, c’mon you guys down under – whip your dick out – grab the abolene and get stroking.  And everyone else too for that matter!

Fuck Roulette is a free public service from the twisted mind of Paul Morris.  I’m on there jerkin off all the time (not that you will ever know it’s me!) and ya never know when you might come across a Treasure Island Media model pumpin’ it with you.  I’m even thinking about having it online during my next fuck shoot or during my next series of model interviews.  Wouldn’t that be something?

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