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Featuring TIM Exclusives: Christian, Cory Koons, Brad McGuire, and Kurt Wood

Starring: Lucas, Antonio Biaggi, HotRod, Tyler Marks, Ben, Dieder, Donato, Eddie, Paris Jackson, Ian Jay, Kurt Kaiser, Keer, LiGee, Dimitri Santiago, Luke Thomas, Angyl Valentino, Alejandro Wilde, and introducing Puppy.

Check out the free trailer below:

If you are in NYC or cumming to NYC next weekend – stop by the Treasure Island Media table at the Black Party Expo and say hello and/or pick up some specially priced Treasure Island Media DVDs.

When:  Friday March 18 – 5 pm to 1 am and Sat March 19 – 12 noon to 7 pm

Where:  Roseland Ballroom, 239 West 52nd Street

Who:  Christian, Ian Jay, Kurt Wood

We’re even bringing in our top-notch head of customer service HANK!  And who knows – I might even be skulking around???

And speaking of Ian Jay – check out his new blog.  He posts pictures like this.

That’s a nice bulge Mr. Jay.  Well done sir.  I wanna work out at that gym.

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Open Your Hole

On February 7, 2011, in Shut The Fuck Up, by Max Sohl

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year.

Somebody has too much time on their hands.

Probably the number one request over at the Paul Morris Treasure Island Media Forum (which you should go check out) was to see Tim Skyler return to in front of our cameras.

I do my best to take “audience” requests.

I brought Treasure Island Media exclusive Kurt Wood and Fyerfli and Kevin Slater and Ian Jay and newcomer Vencint Knight together to a playroom and instructed them to fuck Tim until he cried.

If you’ve ever seen Tim Skyler get fucked, you know that is unlikely to happen – although half the time he looks like he’s being tormented by the hard fucking he gets and the other half of the time he is in pig heaven bliss –  especially when the spunk begins to go into his hole.

Check out these exclusive pictures for the blog from Scene 2 of my new video SPERM ASSAULT.

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SPERM ASSAULT – Trailer and First Look

On November 3, 2010, in Sperm Assault, by Max Sohl

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new sex tape SPERM ASSAULT along with the trailer that so many of you have asked to see… The download-to-own version is available now at www.treasureislandmedia.com. The DVD is available for pre-order.

Directed by: Max Sohl
Produced by: Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media Exclusives: Christian and Kurt Wood
Starring: Tim Skyler, Marco Cruise, Dimitri Santiago, Ian Jay, Fyerfli, Tober Brandt, Isaiah Foxx, Jake Majors, Jayden Brooks, Jessy Karson, Justin, Kevin Slater, Nature, Vencint Knight, Mr. Marky, and many more.

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Time To Make The Donuts

On October 7, 2010, in Cumming Soon, Notorious, by Max Sohl

Haven’t posted in a while – but – boy – have I got a good reason.

It was time to make the porn.

I’m still recuperating and washing the cum and lube out of my hair.

Here’s just a little sample of what kept me away.

Oh – apparently there is some other porn company telling Lucas’ fans that he has retired…

I dunno – call me crazy – he didn’t look like he was retired when I filmed him and Cory Koons getting fucked by 10 horny tops on Sunday night!

Now don’t get too excited.  This probably won’t come out until 2011.  Happy New Year.

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Ode to Kurt Wood – Part 2

On September 23, 2010, in Max's Stable, by Max Sohl

Your blog entry is good but you have to talk about as much of a sex pig he is the fact that he’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet!!!” – Nate Reynolds

Kurt Wood is such a sex pig.  But he is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet.

Did I mention his 10-inch cock?

Check out Kurt’s appearances on TIMFUCK…

Kurt in CUM IS THE BEST LUBE with Jay Ross on TIMFUCK (June 30 update).  I got a handful of guys to jerk off onto Jay Ross’ hole so that Kurt could use all their loads for lube.  It’s a short but sweet scene.

Lastly – in a scene I called MAN SPIT – Kurt and Judd flip fucking like mad men (also on TIMFUCK) (August 25 update).  This was shot last winter during the start of a NYC blizzard.  These two guys were so steamy that by the time we finished the windows were baked in sweat.  It is a rare occurrence when two TRULY versatile guys get down to flip fucking.

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Ode to Kurt Wood – Part 1

On September 10, 2010, in Max's Stable, by Max Sohl

Who says Jewish guys don’t have big dicks?

Treasure Island Media exclusive KURT WOOD first appeared (and made a memorable impression) in Christian’s 24 Cocks in 24 Hours jack hammering Christian in a bathroom with his 10-inch cock.

Last December we shot a solo JO scene and Paul Morris sent me a message that said, “Tell me more about this man.  He sure knows how to have fun.”  That pretty much encapsulates the spirit of Kurt Wood.  The first thing that he does when arriving for any shoot is take off all his clothes.  You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to offer him an exclusive deal.  One of the few truly versatile men that I know, but with such an impressive display of manhood can you blame me for casting him as a top over and over?

If you want to see Kurt in action he is the man of the year on TIMFUCK, TIMSUCK and TIMVID topping, bottoming, getting blown and stroking his own dick – but I promise you will see him in my next DVD.

Kurt jerking off on TIMVID (March 31 update):

Kurt getting blown by Ian Jay on TIMSUCK (April 14 update):

Kurt with Jessy Karson fucking Jayden Brooks on TIMFUCK in a scene that I called MEAT FUCKERS (May 19 update):

Kurt’s cock is so big, I have to break this up into two blog entries.  More to cum soon!

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