Watch Rodrigo De Leon in his first bareback scene EAT, LICK, and BREED the hungry hairy hole of sexy Anthony Grey exclusively on TIMFUCK.COM.









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Show us the money maker Marcus…  The original foto…


This pic was taken right after Marcus got bred by Eric Grant in BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS.

BMI SC 3 17 BMI SC 3 07

BMI SC 3 28 500

BMI SC 3 25 500
BMI SC 3 29 500

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I AM: Eli Lewis

On April 3, 2015, in Behind The Scenes, by Max Sohl

Eli Lewis Interview Treasure Island Media
“Pocket Gaysian” Eli Lewis is a TOP’s wet dream. The former ballet dancer and kinky power bottom has recently taken the plunge into bareback porn for TIM and can be seen in his first interracial scene on TIMFuck with Champ Robinson and Tony Bishop.  He’s also  most recently on TIMSuck where the thirsty cocksucker throat-fucks Tommy Deluca’s ten-inch dick. Read more about Eli in this exclusive interview. Be sure to follow Eli on Twitter for more up-to-date news on his life. 

TIM: So how did you get involved in porn? Have you been a TIM fan for long?

Eli Lewis: I first got started in porn about two years ago after friends in the industry finally convinced me to try it out. I had been escorting for a few months, so it seemed like a natural transition. What’s not to like? I’m getting paid to have sex with a plethora of attractive men and travel the world – it’s every gay boy’s wicked, little fantasy! I’ve LOVED TIM for awhile because of the raw (pun intended) energy and sexuality each performer puts out in front of the camera. I find it relatable to a lot of my hookups and it’s sexy as fuck!


TIM: Why did you decide to go bareback? What made you decide to take the plunge?

Eli Lewis:  I have a lot of friends who work in bareback porn and I’ve wanted to work with them for a long time, so it was a matter of strategically planning out how to make the crossover. I definitely didn’t want to alienate my fans from previous work, so choosing the right time, partners, and studios was all very calculated. Of course, I also consulted a lot of my friends in the industry because, while I certainly love filming bareback, I don’t want it to prevent me from working with other studios who opt for condoms in their scenes. Sex can be hot with or without a condom, and I take that and practice it in my personal life, so I definitely want to show that as well in my porn scenes. 

Eli Lewis Champ Robinson Tony Bishop on TIMFuck

TIM: Your threesome scene on TIMFuck was amazing! What was it like to do your first interracial scene on camera?

Eli Lewis: Thank you! I was thrilled to be paired with Champ and Tony as I have loved and known them for awhile, so I knew our chemistry would be explosive. I’ve been surprised to find that I have not often, if ever, been paired with a lot of African-American models in the past, and I love me a big black dick so hopefully I’ll get to work with many more black studs in the future. 

Eli Lewis Interview for Treasure Island Media

TIM: What kind of guys turn you on?

Eli Lewis:  My physical type greatly varies depending on my mood: I can go for cute and twinky one minute and then crave a big muscle daddy the next. I guess my ideal physical type is someone who is taller than I am, with broad shoulders, who is physically fit, with a more dominant demeanor. I love power play, as I’m an aggressive bottom myself, so if you pair me with someone who wants to take control I will want to steal it back from him and use his cock to service and pleasure me. 

TIM: If you could bang anyone in the industry, who would it be and why? 

Eli Lewis: current big crush is Rocco Steele, who was the model I chose to film my first bareback scene with and I can’t wait to work with him again… and again… and again. I’m aching to work with Antonio Biaggi and having his huge balls slapping against me as he rams that thick cock inside my tight hole. Can we make that happen? Please and thank you! 

Eli Lewis Tommy Deluca on TIMSuck

TIM: What do you do in your off-time? Do you have another career?

Eli Lewis:  I’m currently working towards geting into culinary school, not only because I’m a HUGE foodie, but because it really is one of my big passions. Until then porn, escorting, go-go dancing, club appearances, and bartending gigs are allowing me to dance through life and experience New York City to the fullest.

TIM: Where do you like to hang out in NYC in terms of clubs, etc.? 

Eli Lewis: I’m BIG on dive bars. The 9th Avenue Saloon in Hell’s Kitchen is definitely a watering hole, followed by The Eagle in Chelsea, Eastern Bloc in the East Village, and bar hopping all up and down Christopher Street. I like a social atmosphere where I can talk to my friends without music blaring in our ears, and maybe finding trade by the end of the night.

Eli Lewis Interview for Treasure Island Media

TIM: In your application you said that you love DP and are working on getting rid of your gag reflex. Can you tell us more?

Eli Lewis: I finally experimented with double-penetration last summer and have never turned back! My third attempt at it was live on stage with Max Cameron and Bravo Delta which, was not only a complete success, but left me craving both of them more – so you know we’re now hanging out as much as possible! It’s definitely not my go-to party trick, with threesomes being more difficult to coordinate than Sunday brunch with a bunch of homos, but I do love the feeling of two cocks sliding deep inside me. My gag reflex is another story unless I have a regular fuck buddy or boyfriend it tends to come back so I’m still working on training it back out. There’s nothing hotter than a bottom who can swallow a shaft without tearing up. Give me a few weeks to work on it, then bring me back on for a TIMSUCK session! 

Eli Lewis Champ Robinson for TIMFuck

TIM: Why do you consider yourself a “power bottom”? What does that mean to you?

Eli Lewis: I am a self-described power bottom because I often break my tops before they wear me out. It’s an acquired talent which took years of disciplined training and meditation – also my mother, of all people, taught me the magical trick of breathing while you’re getting fucked to help relax and ease it on in (Thanks, mum!). To me, a power bottom is someone who doesn’t necessarily need to be aggressive, but knows exactly what he wants from his top and asks for or demands it. No one likes a lazy bottom, but no one likes a backseat driver either – so it’s about balancing your role as the more submissive partner but meeting your partner halfway – or even further. Don’t shy away from the dick, meet it head on and balls deep! 

Eli Lewis in Bondage

TIM: You used to be a ballet dancer, are you super flexible?

Eli Lewis: I am a classically-trained ballet dancer and was part of that industry for a solid 18 years before I retired and made the natural transition into gay porn, haha! My flexibility is still definitely there, though not as extreme as when I was training full-time, which is why a lot of directors love to feature and make use of that, resulting in me in compromising and often uncomfortable positions – but it’s all in good fun! 

BONUS. I’m starting to explore my kinkier side with the help of Jessie Colter, Sebastian Keys, and a few of my amazing friends in the fetish community. Bondage is something that definitely excites me, and I’ve been told I look good tied up – it’s a fun outlet for me, and I love to play with It’s definitely an out-of-body experience that leaves me feeling high on life. I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

Eli Lewis For TIMPorn


On February 25, 2015, in FLOODED, by Max Sohl

Kyle Ferris in FLOODED

Kyle Ferris is an eager young cumdump bottom who has making the rounds at TIM with our favorite top studs. In honor of the pre-release scene for Max Sohl’s newest sex tape FLOODED, here is an exclusive interview with the handsome young stud. Check him out in his first gangbang scene from FLOODED, on TIMSuck, and in his upcoming scene on TIMFuck. Remember you can join TIMFuck to download the FLOODED Pre-Release scene for free!

TIM: So how did you get involved in porn? Have you been a TIM fan for long?

Kyle Ferris: I’ve always thought it’d be fun to do porn. But always brushed it off as more of a (fantasy). Also up until recently I had been in a long term relationship and porn was not something that would have an option.I have been enjoying the cockumentaries released by TIM for years.

TIM: I heard you want to be the next Blue Bailey! Why Blue? Can you elaborate on that statement? Do you want to be a cumdump extraordinaire?

Kyle Ferris: I’m a huge Blue Bailey fan. That statement was kind of blurted out during my first meeting with Max. He asked who were my favorite tops to watch and I kind of drew a blank. When I watch porn I’m more turned on  by the guy getting fucked than the tops. After a few moments of brain farts and half formed sentences, I just said how much I liked Blue’s Work. To see a handsome guy like Him taking dick like a slutty champ definitely gets me going! I think of him as my semen soaked spirit guide. As far as being a cumdump extraordinaire, is there any other kind of cumdump worth being? No weekend warriors here!

Flooded Pre-release Scene With Kyle Ferris Getting Gangbanged

TIM: What was it like to do your first gang-bang scene for FLOODED? Was it everything you hoped for?

Kyle Ferris: It was definitely intimidating. It was my first time filming anything. Until Rob Yaeger, Tommy Deluca and Luke Harding walked in I had no idea who was gonna be on top of me. But I got over those jitters pretty quick when I saw three massive dicks standing at attention while we were waiting for the camera to be set up.

Kyle Ferris in FLOODED

TIM: What kind of guys turn you on the most?

Kyle Ferris: Who doesn’t love a muscle daddy?! But I honestly have varied tastes and play with a broad spectrum of guys. A good attitude and dirty mind go a long way!

TIM: If you could bang anyone in the industry, who would it be and why?

Kyle Ferris: Paul Morris. Because I love a challenge. Can’t hide forever big guy! 😉

Kyle Ferris in FLOODED

TIM: What do you do in your off-time? Do you have another career?

Kyle Ferris: I’m kind of a junk-foodie. I love to cook and especially love to bake. But rarely get a chance. But in NYC there are so many great options popping up all the time I don’t go wanting very long. My top three: banana pudding from Sugar Sweet Sunshine on the Lower East Side, fried pickles from Ditch Plains in the West Village, and last but certainly not least the cream puffs at Beard Pappa’s on the upper west side. Other than stuffing my gullet with delicious treats and other men’s genitals I do love my alone time at the gym.

I do have a day job. I’m going to school. And have been working on a developing a small product line with a friend for his spa. 

TIM: Your scene with Krave Moore and James Eden on TIMSuck is incredible! How did it feel to devour such a big fat dick on camera? Are you a total exhibitionist?

Kyle Ferris: That was a lot of fun! It felt like like my throat was going to explode and I loved it. They told me he was hung, and I’ve met quite a few well endowed gents in my many romps but when Krave dropped trou not only did I say to myself “holy shit,” but I had to applaud the guy. I’m glad I got to work with James. I think having a partner made working that much cock even more enjoyable. Right as we ended I remember a crew member saying “wow I don’t think we’ve ever done a scene where two bottoms tag team a one dick!”

I’m slowly becoming a exhibitionist. That’s a recent development and has been the biggest challenge in perusing adult film work. 

Kyle Ferris on TIMSuck

TIM: Cut or Uncut?

Kyle Ferris:– Cut.

Kyle Ferris  in FLOODED

TIM: Where do you like to hang out in NYC in terms of clubs, etc.?

Kyle Ferris: I don’t go to clubs and rarely bars. I haven’t had much leisure time lately. Generally I’m <250 ft from trouble.

Season Breedings #friendofDorothy

On December 19, 2014, in Treasure Island Media, by Max Sohl

I got my new Treasure Island Media ornament on my Christmas tree.

Not too late to get yours.



On December 8, 2014, in BONER, Max Sohl, by Max Sohl


A Review Of BONER by Joe Spunk

If you’re a reality TV junkie you might be interested to know that Big Brother 15’s David Girton is jacking his dick in the newest Treasure Island Media DVD called “Boner.” I’m not into long-haired, blond surfer types and I think reality TV is one of the signs of the end times — or at least the end of television worth watching — so I’m much more interested in the nine other men beating off of the DVD, especially Rocco Steele working his 10×7 monster cock.

“Boner” brings us 10 men sitting back stroking their meat: Saxon West, Dallas Long, Erik Grant, Luke Tyler, Krave Moore, David Girton, Tommy Deluca, Tatman, Lukas Cipriani, and Rocco Steele. There’s a good mix of men featuring big and comfortably-average cocks and lots of different stroking styles. Some pump their meat slowly in their hands, some like thumping their hard-ons against their palm, some like staring at their erections while making them dance hands free. Spit, lube, Jergens hand lotion … they use it all.

One of my faves was Tatman, a 51-year-old, conservative-looking daddy; but when he peels off his clothes he’s completely covered in tatts and when he gets his bone in his hand he turns into a horny dirty talker. But with 10 sexy men masturbating in “Boner,” it won’t be a question of picking faves, but figuring out where to to start.


Three weeks ago we were thrilled to discover our favorite Drag Queen  Alaska Thunderfuck  had given Treasure Island Media a shout out in her video for American Apparel Ad Girls along side Courtney Act and Willam. In this exclusive interview with Alaska, George Habibi  learns that the rumors about Alaska and Boomer Banks are TRUE, which queen has the biggest dick, and how to fist with long fingernails. As a special treat for Alaska fans we’re taking $29.00 OFF of our two-disc Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend Collection! Just go to this link and enter discount coupon ALASKA5000 at checkout.  

George: You’ve Mentioned Dawson quite a few times in your awesome music videos so you have to tell us your secret. Have you taken more loads than Dawson?

Alaska: No, he’s a superhero of load-taking.  he has super powers, that’s why we love him so much.  I can’t do all that myself, I don’t have enough time!

George: Not even with all the travel? You don’t get to meet all the different people in the restrooms stops, on planes and stuff?

Alaska: ARE YOU Really? I  really love that that’s the vision you have of my life (Laughs). I’m gonna let you keep that vision, I’m not going to ruin it for you!

George: Are you a big fan of TIM, do you watch a lot of our videos?

Alaska: I am, I’m a huge fan. It’s a brilliant “go-to” and I think that that’s why you keep coming up in my songs because I just write whatever’s in my brain so apparently you’re on my brain all the time.

George: That’s awesome! I’m gonna send you all our videos

Alaska: I must be Drunk on Cum and a total Fucktard.

Alaska Thunderfuck Dragqueen

George: You are, you must be. That would be a great song, could you do a Beyonce parody of Drunk on Cum? That would be awesome! Just putting that out there

Alaska: OOOH that’s a good idea, i’ll put that in the notebook.

George: So another question I had is: what happens if you get a hard-on with your tuck?

Alaska: Ok, this is a huge confession but I don’t really tuck in a traditional sense.

George:  GASP! How so?

Alaska: OK well If you look at Willam and Courtney they put their balls inside them and then past the empty ball skin around themselves. I don’t do any of that because I think it’s kind of barbaric and it really hurts. I just wear a bunch of pantyhoses and and mash it down and hope it isn’t too distracting. If I do get aroused, which is hard when you’re wearing a bunch of pantyhose. But if I do it just sort of swells up and doesn’t really get out of control.

George: So it just looks like one big moose knuckle?

Alaska: Exactly!!! Its really beautiful

George: Are you fucking Boomer Banks?


Alaska: Am I fucking Boomer Banks? Well I’m not fucking him, let’s just put it that way…

George:   That definitely says a lot!  So my next question is, how hard is fisting with the long press-on  nails?

Alaska: Well, I mean I love it (Laughs). As a fisting top it works great for me but we’re still working on it in research and development.

George: Who has a bigger dick: Sharon Needles or RuPaul?

Alaska: Oh my goodness.  I don’t know for certain but probably Ru Paul. I think Ru Paul has a bigger dick than anybody.

George:  I probably have to agree with you there, Rupaul has a bigger dick than everybody.  Can you walk me through the proper way to pop? Especially in San Francisco but nobody seems to be getting it right!

Alaska: Well it’s really important and honestly I started out trying to do it which starts out further back in your mouth but it’s not proper place to do it. I was taught by Alyssa Edwards who is one of the queens of the pop. So I dedicated myself to practicing and it’s been like a year for me to learn how to do it properly. If you’re dedicated you will learn. It happens further up in the front of your mouth and your tongue goes up against the roof of your mouth and you suck all the air out and you pull it down really fast and it creates a vacuum and that’s what the pop comes from.

George: Gotcha, is it helpful when giving head?

Alaska: Well I haven’t had any complaints yet!

George: Are you a cut or uncut type of girl? What do you usually go for?

Alaska: Well I was in Europe and everyone has foreskin over there so I saw it. I judged Porn Idol which is a fully nude amateur stripper contest and I think I saw more foreskin in one night than I’ve ever seen in my whole life. But I think it’s cool, I think all dicks are cool. Whether it has a helmet on or not it’s fine by me.

George: Love that response.. Do you prefer poppers or viagra when you’re playing, or both?  Its probably not a good idea to do both at the same time

Alaska: Oh its not? Can you die from that?

George: It might lower your blood pressure to a dangerous level but who’s paying attention anyways

Alaska: Well, I’ve never tried Viagra but I tried Cialis but it was just sort of frustrating because I feel like I’m always on Cialis naturally so it was just too much boner. I’ll say poppers.

George: That’s all the questions I have for you, would you like to add anything for our fans?

Alaska: Well I just wanna say that my hit single “Ru Girl” is available on iTunes which also refers to Dawson.

George: Of course! You’re a Mothafuckin Ru Girl

Alaska: And go to American Apparel and watch our video for them “American Apparel Ad Girls”

George: We love you, we love your videos, thanks for the shout out and we hope you keep up all the awesome work

Alaska: Absoluuuuuuutly! I love YOU guys and I hope you keep up the good work.

When a dude finds out I work for Treasure Island Media often the first thing they ask me what’s the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed while shooting. Usually this pops into my brain immediately:

SCENE 2: “CHURNING THE BUTTER” from our cream-pie video LOADED

We got over 20 guys into a room to fuck Dawson and cum up his butt. At the end we asked Austin Shadow and his huge fuckstick to get on the bed and have Dawson ride him so we could see all the butt babies fall out. Paul Morris was the first to coin the phrase “churning the butter“. When all of the cum started to ooze out my jaw literally hit the floor. Every single person in that room was totally mesmerized by the amount of spooge draining out of Dawson’s hole. We were all “CUM-MATIZED”!!!! It’s literally every felchers dream scenario!!! My dick is getting hard sitting here at my desk just thinking about it.

7 years later, and hundreds of scenes shot since, that scene still remains in my memory as one of the hottest things I have ever witness on a Treasure Island Media set.











Check out the LOADED trailer below:



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I AM: Rocco Steele

On August 28, 2014, in Max Sohl, TIMSUCK, by Max Sohl

Rocco Steele Treasure Island Media

We recently caught up with Rocco Steele, one of our newest studs in Manhattan, who has developed quite the rapid fan base in a short period of time. We can’t get enough of the super-sized cock and tattooed built body on this Topman! Besides all that, Rocco is an authentic and approachable guy who tells it like it is. Check out his recent scene with Adam Russo on TIMSuck for proof! Also, check out these exclusive pictures of Rocco Steele from a not-yet-released fuck movie from Max Sohl below!

1. You started out in the adult industry as an escort, what made you decide to take the leap into sex work? What do you prefer, escorting or shooting porn? What made you take the plunge into becoming a porn star?

For many years, I had a couple of guys who would pay me regularly for my companionship. I never had an ad up anywhere so I never really considered it escorting, even though it clearly was. Then one day a friend of mine was like “dude you need to put an ad up because you could make some serious money”. So I listened and I put an ad up and on the first day I made $900. I was stoked. Needless to say I’ve been doing it since.

Porn v escorting – here’s a totally diplomatic answer I know but…I like both equally for different reasons.
I enjoy the escorting because I get to meet interesting guys from all over the world. I “vet” my potential clients so when I have decided to see somebody, it’s somebody I feel comfortable with and actually have a genuinely nice time with. I never do anything I don’t want to do so I always have a good time.

I love making porn because being a “free agent” as opposed to an exclusive, I get to work with so many different great studios and directors and I get to do it all over the world. I’m not limited to one studio. I love that. My life is exciting right now. I get to see new places and oh yeah, fuck some amazing holes along the way.

Rocco Steele Max Sohl

2. We’ve heard you have a crush on Marcus Isaacs, what would you do to him if we hooked you to up on a TIM shoot? What does it for you about him?

Oh man that would be a dream. I don’t know what it is about that boy but I think he is “sex on a stick.” He has everything about a guy that gets me going…beard, tats, attitude but I think his eyes are what does it the most for me…yeah it’s definitely his eyes.
If I had a scene with him I think the two of us would probably self combust from the crazy sexual energy between that would exist between us.

3. How do you navigate being clean and sober in gay culture, and especially in sex work? What drove you to change your life?

16 years ago my life was a mess. I was drinking a lot and using drugs quite frequently. My life wasn’t working for me. It affected my job performance, my relationships and my overall life responsibilities. I was so empty inside and just on auto-pilot all the time. Something had to give. So one day I decided to stop everything and enter a program of recovery. I never looked back and I’ve been clean and sober ever since.

At first it wasn’t easy trying to stay sober in the gay culture because drinking and drugs are everywhere.I just surrounded myself with a strong, solid support network and it has guided me every since through the obstacles that life presents, which include my experiences in porn and escorting.

Rocco Steele Treasure Island Media

4. What’s your workout routine?

I am in the gym 6-7 days a week. I am serious about my workouts but not crazy. I am pretty gentle with myself. I’m in my 40’s and and very happy with my health and my body. If I get to the gym and not feeling it that day, I have been known to turn around and go home. When I’m there, I am committed. I work out usualy two body parts a day. I try to get a good ab workout in several times a week. My diet is pretty insane right now as it was requested by another studio that I lose weight….so I eat nothing but chicken and lettuce lol.

5. What is your opinion of the current Truvada debate, will PrEP be an ordinary aspect of gay health and gay porn in the years to come?

I cant say with any certainty as I am not in the medical profession – what this means to gay health but I think it will definitely be interesting to see how it all evolves. We need to consider the fact that HIV is not the only thing we need to worry about. PrEP does not prevent other STD transmission so I worry what this is all going to look like down the road. I am a big proponent of safe sex. Those who are negative should stay negative and I need to do my part to facilitate that. Yes I am undetectable and yes I do bareback porn but I do not want to encourage the transmission of HIV. I can prevent further transmission by being responsible and disclosing my status to my partners and having sex with others who are undetectable and on treatment and whose numbers are such that exposure to other strains of HIV are unlikely. It’s not a iron-clad guarantee, I know.

If somebody chooses to be on Truvada and have sex with somebody that is positive, I think both parties need to understand there are still risks of transmission, albeit small. They also need to realize that other things can be transmitted.

This is such a controversial topic both in and out of our community and my answer is just what I feel and there are many other views on the subject and I respect and appreciate all of them.

Rocco Steel Max Sohl

6. Do you prefer cut or uncut cocks?

I love both. Being a strict top, I’m an ass man so thats where my focus is…but a pretty dick is a pretty dick regardless of whether its cut or not…and i can appreciate a pretty dick.

7. Where do you hang out in NYC?

I’m an old man so I don’t do the clubs or bars anymore. My life in NYC is fairly boring by porn “star” standards. I love just going to the gym, lunch with friends, hanging out with my dog, going to movies…that type of stuff. I live right off Central Park so I love escaping there on a weekday when everybody else is at work and chilling on a park bench or in the grass watching people go by.

8. We’re all crazy about your new TIMSuck scene. What was it like to work with Adam Russo?

I adore Adam. He’s an amazing performer and so fucking sexy. That was our first encounter so there was so much sexual energy between us. We’ve done a couple more scenes since for other studios and have become good friends. I am thrilled that the scene is being well-received.