A repost of an actual session provided by and recounted by BaltimorEdger – jwf9403@yahoo to a Gay Forced Milking Group.

My 3:00 PM was hung by his wrists while I played with his cock through the soft cotton fabric of his briefs.  I would take him out every once in a while and dust his dripping cock with baby powder.  Then just a few soft, slow strokes of my hand and back into the briefs he went.  After about 30 minutes of this, I finally let him down and moved him to the bed.  Once I got his arms secured, I went back to caressing him through his underwear until he started grunting.  Then I moved up to his nipples and worked them over for a good 15 minutes.  When it looked like his cock might rip through his briefs, I took off the underwear, secured his ankles to the bed, then slicked up my hand for some ball tickling and shaft teasing.

milking copy


Once I had him truly to his first edge, I gave him a few small whiffs of poppers and then went back to work using a very slow, sensuous stroke.  He went out of his mind and very nearly shot off.  Once I calmed him back down, I got out a little bit of desensitizing lube and mixed it with the Liquid Silk.  I didn’t want him cumming anytime soon.

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That did the trick because I was able to work him up to a few more edges and administer another few hits of poppers to supply that most exquisite and turbo-charged version of pleasure torture.  I had him gasping and grunting and shaking with sexual tension in no time flat.
Unlike many of the guys with whom I play, this young man had previously discovered that his asshole, his ass lining and his prostate are all three sources of great potential when it comes to teasing a boy into heightened states of pleasure and need.  I used my forefinger, coated with a generous amount of KY Jelly, to begin paving the way for a new toy.  It is a long, but narrow series of elongated bumps on a vibrating central spindle.  Once I had reached his prostate with my finger and spent some time internally massaging that magic spot, I placed a condom over the toy, turn it onto it’s first setting (a low, constant buzzing) and slowly, slowly pushed it past his first and second lines of defense.  Once beyond the second grouping of muscles, his ass sucked the toy the rest of the way into his ass, forcing the vibrating head of the intruder up against the prostate.  I know this because he gasped in pleasure as his greedy butt swallowed the damn thing!



I then grasped the handle of the toy and began move it from side to side, up and down and finally in and out to approximate a good, slow fuck.  His cock was leaking a constant stream of clear juice now, so I had no need to re-lube my hand before applying some of my most effective strokes to his overheated pole.  Even though he had been slightly desensitized, I made sure that I moved extremely slowly in order to prevent any surprise ejaculations.  I continued to edge him in this manner, sometimes leaving his cock to administer more poppers, sometimes to work on his sensitive nipples.  Eventually, the slow pace of my strokes drove him beyond the point of frustration and he asked to be allowed to cum.  I drew him to a few more edges, just to make sure, then gave him a final hit of poppers and milked his cock of an impressively large load.  I did not ruin his orgasm and was kind enough to leave his poor, overworked cock head alone during his post-orgasm haze!



I believe I will be seeing this 24-year-old man again.
John (aka BaltimorEdger)
Check out my movie MILK IT.
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colby gets milked #milkit

On February 3, 2014, in MILK IT, by Max Sohl

milk it colby 1

colby keller gets milked.

just because.

milk it colby 2


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my porn waits for no hurricane no power no election no nor’easter

hurricane sandy came to call on nyc and left the TIM office without electricity for 5 days.  we had to cancel 3 days of shoots.

The day we got back into the office our email went down.

The next day was the national election.  LA voters are fucktarded.


a nor’easter named athena.

my porn don’t have time for that.

all the things that happened…

Peto Coast was in New York.

Keiran was in NY and a fan asked me if I thought he would want to fuck him.  So I showed him his pics and he gave the slut a thumbs up.

Rob Yaeger fucked a pumpkin on TIMJACK.

Calvin jerked off on TIMJACK.

Milan sucked off Sean on TIMSUCK.

Marcus got double fucked on TIMFUCK.

the release of my new porn stash dvd MILK IT and a bunch of douchebags jumped on poor sweet Coby Keller (who apparently likes cupcakes and kittens).

i shot a scene in a porn store at 8 o’clock in the morning.

we rescheduled all the hurricane scenes over 3 days in addition to the other scenes that were already scheduled to be shot and it was non stop sucking cock everywhere it was like suck dick save the world 4 realz.

i drowned in all the cum that was shot.

adam hunter had his first experience of wiping shit from a bottom’s bottom rather than stopping the shoot and ruining the shot – congratulation adam you are a real pornographer now!

we spent 8 hours with Jeremy East sucking dick at our office gloryhole in Manhattan.

then it was Thanksgiving and i had 5 days of hunting for sex and if it could have gone wrong it would have.

9X6 is the worst lube ever made.

wake the fuck up max it’s time to make the fucking porn come back to my blog boys.

fuck you mother nature.

back to editing.

p.s. the walking dead is the best show on television.

zombie apocalypse.  it’s cumming.

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MILK IT – free trailer #milkit

On October 26, 2012, in Cumming Soon, MILK IT, by Max Sohl

Available November 7 – MILK IT – my new video with five intense relentless edging milking scenes


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MILK IT #milkit

On October 16, 2012, in Cumming Soon, MILK IT, by Max Sohl

let the milking begin…

hashtag milkit

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MILK IT #milkit

On October 9, 2012, in Cumming Soon, MILK IT, by Max Sohl

he’s tied and bound and ready for you to MILK IT.

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MILK IT #milkit

On October 3, 2012, in Cumming Soon, MILK IT, by Max Sohl

two men getting ready to MILK IT.

cumming soon.

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MILK IT #milkit

On September 28, 2012, in Cumming Soon, MILK IT, by Max Sohl

porn star talking to me before shooting his first TIM scene.  cumming soon.  we’re gonna have to MILK IT.

hashtag milkit

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