Directed by PAUL MORRIS
Seth Adler
Jack Allen
Derek Anthony
Bilal Bagra
Devon Bryant
Lito Cruz
Andrew Darling
Blade Dixxon
Hugh Peterson
Dayton O’Connor
Adam Russo
Dimitri Santiago
Drew Sebastian
Jerry Stearns
Diego Tovar
Ethan Wolfe

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Stock up on all of your favorite Treasure Island Media titles during our Spring Sale.  Prices start at $10 and receive a free gift for purchases over $50.  Sale ends APRIL 30th — get your favorite titles while supplies last.



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I AM: Owen Powers

On April 1, 2015, in Behind The Scenes, Dawson, FLOODED, Max Sohl, by Max Sohl

HARD CUTS 2 Pre Release Scene

Owen Powers has wanted to be a TIM Stud for as long as he can remember. Inspired by the legendary DAWSON, Owen got his gangbang cherry popped by none other than SHANE FROST, ERIK GRANT, TREVOR SNOW and ROCCO STEELE in Max Sohl’s FLOODED. While Owen is mostly a cumdump bottom on screen, when he finds men willing to take his thick cock he happily obliges. Read more about the Go Go dancer and bubble-butt bottom Below! 

TIM: How long have you wanted to be a TIM model? What made you submit your application and go through with the process?

Owen Powers: Well since the beginning of time I’ve wanted to work with TIM.  I believe the very first scene I saw by TIM was Churning The Butter (from Paul Morris’s film LOADED). Seeing Dawson get plowed and seeded by a group of guys, then watch the juicy loads in his hole get “churned” with more fucking just looked like HEAVEN to me – All I  could think about was damn I wish that was my ass! When I was younger I wanted to do porn but just didn’t have the confidence to do so.  Now that I have passed the age of 30 and have gone through many life-changing events, I decided I’m hot enough now and have the confidence, so I might as well take my chance in doing it [porn] now!

When my 2-year relationship ended with my last partner I moved to Florida and started making numerous home videos of myself sucking guys off, getting my hole loaded up, cream-pied and more.  After I had quite a collection I applied on the TIM website.  Shortly after applying, I received an email from Nate Reynolds.  I spent what seemed like months emailing him my slutty videos (which he and Max Sohl loved). Finally all my determination paid off when Max asked me to come up to NYC and shoot a scene.  I can’t even describe how excited I was to get such great news! I mean working for TIM has been on my bucket list for quite sometime now.

Owen Powers from Treasure Island Media

TIM: You recently lost your gangbang cherry in a scene that will surely go down in TIM history! What was it like to film that scene of Max Sohl’s FLOODED with SHANE FROST, ERIK GRANT, TREVOR SNOW and ROCCO STEELE?

Owen Powers: Wow, after shooting that scene I had no clue it would go down in the history books of TIM! Going into the shoot I had never been to NYC before so just getting to go there was an amazing experience. Then the day of the shoot Trevor Snow and I were told to meet downstairs of the hotel to wait for the cab.  To find Shane Frost there waiting to go along too!  I have always had a thing for Shane and loved his videos so I was a bit star-struck (thanks again Nate!). Upon arrival to the site of the shoot Max pulled me aside and told me how he loved the videos I submitted. Also this was the first time to meet Erik Grant and look into those beautiful blue eyes, Damn!

But most of all I had no clue who Rocco Steele was at the time but I knew once I saw his monster of cock flop out of his pants that I would surely never forget him. I literally think my ass fell to the floor when I saw that DICK! I actually panicked a little thinking this has got to be the biggest dick I’ve ever encountered in real life!  Everything happened so quickly once we started shooting I couldn’t even get hard, but having those 4 huge cocks plowing into the depths of my hole was complete and utter bliss to me. I just thought to myself “damn I’m a lucky little slut bottom”. This scene was definitely a dream CUM TRUE. I Just couldn’t believe I lost my gang-bang cherry to such amazing studs.

FLOODED featuring Rocco Steele and Owen Powers

TIM: In your personal life are you a bottom or versatile?

Owen Powers: I will have to say I’m 85% bottom, but not by choice. Most guys say my dick is too big for them to take. I’m only 7×5.5 so I will open you up but I can’t go too deep.  I do love to top as well, especially if the guys ass I’m fucking is already full of cum. Being the big bottom that I am still very much an ass man. I love to eat ass almost just as much as sucking dick. I really love to rim my tops before they pound me out.  I also very much enjoy eating a hot cum-filled hole!

Owen Powers of Treasure Island MediaTIM: If you could bang any TIM stud past or present who would it be and why?

Owen Powers: Drew Sebastian is definitely one I would love to have bang the hell out of me. I  love how manly and daddy like he looks. I’m always very fond of a man with a bald head and a giant thick cock to go along with it. I would love to get filled with all of his seed! Also, “3-shot Eddie”(Appearing in Cum Whore and the So You Wanna Be A Cumdump TIMFUCK series). He is incredibly sexy to me and knowing that he can cum that many times is a huge turn on. I could walk around for days with his cum leaking out of me. Flynn is also my list. He’s such a sexy man and I love his moustache and big thick dick. I want him to flood me with cum and keep fucking me for as long as he possibly can.

TIM: Cut or Uncut?

Owen Powers: Well myself I am cut (except when I’m soft I do have some foreskin).  In terms of personal preference for other dicks I love both, but especially love docking and chewing on a juice foreskin. 

Owen Powers From FLOODED

TIM: What do you do in your free time?

Owen Powers: When I get free time from Go Go dancing and flying around for shoots, I’m very much a homebody and enjoy just cuddling up on the couch and watching movies. I also hang with my friends and love to cook. Since I work in night clubs most of the time on my nights off I prefer not to go out clubbing. Basically, I just live life to the fullest and do as many fun and new things as possible.  Tomorrow is never promised.

TIM: What’s in the pipeline for you in regards to shooting more stuff for TIM?

Owen Powers: I’m hoping much more is in the pipeline for me!  To make the cover of my first TIM film was out of this world, I was so ecstatic find out that news!  It would be a pleasure to work with Paul Morris as well. In closing I would have to give a shout out to my man Nate Reynolds, who helped with lots of encouragement. Also, to Max Sohl himself for going out on a limb and taking the chance on me. Finally, I’d like to thank the hung studs that POPPED MY CHERRY.

Owen Powers and Trevor Snow on TIMSuck

The one – the only – the original Paul Morris movie that is probably the reason you say please BREED ME before that dude you picked up cums in your hole.

Available as a special download this week only.

Get it now while you can – it goes away March 13, 2015.



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Season Breedings #friendofDorothy

On December 19, 2014, in Treasure Island Media, by Max Sohl

I got my new Treasure Island Media ornament on my Christmas tree.

Not too late to get yours.


Thanks for the shout-out Courtney Act, Alaska Thunderfuck, and Willam for the DAWSON’S 50 LOAD WEEKEND at 27 Seconds In!

TIM meets Ru Paul’s Drag Race in an epic slutty gay media convergence.

manfuck manifesto

On January 6, 2012, in Brad McGuire, Paul Morris, Treasure Island Media, by Max Sohl

omg we can not stop jerking off to paul morris’ new movie

Brad McGuire, BJ Slater, Damon Dogg, Derek Anthony, Ethan Wolfe, Jackson Taylor, Ian Jay, John Sullivan, Ray Dalton, Matt Sizemore and so many more…