The Sword just announced their Top 10 Porn Movies of 2016.

Fuck yeah.  Not one, but TWO Max Sohl movies in the Top 5.  Not too shabby.

#1: “Flooded” from Treasure Island Media
Directed by Max Sohl

Featuring: Derek Parker, Drilla, Eddie, Erik Grant, Esteban, Jack Allen, Jacob Lee, Kyle Ferris, Lukas Cipriani, Luke Harding, Luke Tyler, Marcus Isaacs, Owen Powers, Rob Yaeger, Rocco Steele, Sam Bridle, Sean Parker, Shane Frost, Tommy DeLuca, Trevor Snow, & Wes Stevens

#4: “Fuck Holes 3” from Treasure Island Media
Directed by Max Sohl

Featuring: A.J., Darrell Bass, Tony Bishop, Sam Bridle, Lukas Cipriani, Ryan Cummings, Tommy DeLuca, Flynn Evans, Kyle Ferris, Gavin Greene, Eric Hassan, Jesse James, Eric Klein, Lukas Knight, Eki Lewis, Toby Nelson, Sami Price, Siouxsie Q, Saul, Gage Sin, Rocco Steele, Michael Vegas, Rob Yaeger, Yury, James X, & Kobra X

I thank all your dicks.

Sami Price and Rob Yaeger

Trans Girl Cis Boy

They look so innocent. #lookscanbedeceiving






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Gay Porn Studio Adds Trans And Bio-Female Porn Stars, Controversy Erupts

A Gay Porn Movie Starring… Women?

This was before the movie even came out…

Hope this isn’t a new trend. Don’t want pussy or tits in my porn. TIM is the sacred of world of real pure gay hedonism. This totally fucks that up. – bigrawtop

I have longed for the blending of the homo and hetero sexes in porn, à la de Sade. This looks tremendous! D

This change definitely the vision of TIM seriously after the trailer I don’t feel attracted to their films anymore… Desperate ways to make money… Jon

Despite what every one else says… I actually like that yall put girls in this video. – Blake

Is anything sacred anymore? Tits in TIM porn. I don’t want to see my fav performers with women. Kills the fantasies. Kent


I have to tell you this is the most excited i am for a TIM release in quite a while! – anonymous

I really don’t like the pussy on it, let them both fuck a leg amputed man, a deaf one, but not a fucking pussy. – brazilianvirginwhore

I have a very open mind and can’t WAIT for Fuck Holes 3. anonymous

TIM sucks and this just made it worse with adding girls in a gay porn video. Way to go TIM at turning your back on 95% of your gay audience, and good luck with all the backlash you will receive. JP

TIM has always been about documenting queer bareback sex. There are men, women and trans in this movie. This shows that when it comes to sex there is a spectrum of things people will try for fun and to get off. TC


Straight sex shouldn’t be in gay bareback movies. CCG

I can bet a lot of TIM fans would prefer to watch the blood scene in “Breeding Season 3” than the pussy scene. AB

If I wanted to see a video with women I’d buy a straight video. That’s like sneaking a couple of gay scenes in a hard core straight video. Talk about some pissed straight guys!! Thanks but definitely NO thanks. BCC

This is totaly fucked up!! Martin



Females in a TIM movie??? Unbelievable. I won’t be buying this one. Disappointed. – CCG

I gotta say it’s fucking HOT that TIM is including women and trans folks. It’s not only about time, but it’s also about putting your money where your mouth is and that’s what I count on TIM to do. I can’t wait to watch the whole thing. MC

Oh yes, because when you think of the RAW MAN SEX that TIM’s worked on building a name with, you think of straight porn and twinks. Holy crap you guys are so insanely out of touch with your customer base. Has the well dried up now that every studio is doing bareback? Jake

I know I’m probably in the minority as a gay man but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Treasure Island branch out into bareback bi and transsexual porn. I just hate when gay men are resistant to new things. I never thought I would like bi or tranny porn and now I’m addicted. – anonymous

Seriously Max Sohl? Do we need to see tits and pussies on a TIM movie??? Please don’t. And don’t make the fans change their feelings about the actors by forcing them to fuck pussies. why? why on TIM? don’t spoil the party here….– Musclewhore


Create a path where there wasn’t one, or where it had perhaps been covered. Stephen

TIM stands for hot, raw, natural sex. Sometimes that means gay identified dudes, such as myself, don’t mind or even (gasp!) enjoy cis and/or trans women. MC

Wow! You’re moving into str8 porn. Evil Angel and Anabolic blow your ass out of the water. So glad I don’t have to watch your pussy assed porn. Garbage. Brian

TIM did for humanizing porn production more than any else producer in that industry ever if you guys won’t be focused only on dicks male cunts and cum, will open your eyes/minds and have good overview about all TIM movies u will get the point . . . LK

Honestly that’s a little too degrading to the female race for me, too many dicks. – Robert


I love that TIM is filming women too. Fill all the holes with all the cums. – OK

How white is white? How black, black? Sexuality comes in infinite shades of grey. High time porn reflected that. It’s good to keep an open mind because you can be still be surprised by what turns you on. – ED

This is a real shit storm that is going to backfire in T.I.M.’s face. They just fucking screwed the pooch. – Ty Stripes

some guy is so outraged by the VERY idea of this movie, he says he will have the 4 TIM tattoos removed. sure. right. I am not interested in ‘gals,’ but I don’t have a problem with there being a film with a woman in it. – BANM

I’m thinking so fucking what, who cares. – SJM


it looks fucking hot to me. We all have our likes and dislikes. It’s too bad to see close-minded men make these judgemental comments. Sounds like a bunch of stuffy straight bigots bitching about men holding hands in public. If its not your “thing” look away. Geez, queens, get over yourselves. It’s just another form of art. Bravo…pushing the envelope, well-done! Xo – TMB

I don’t like pussy and I like Max Sohl even less but this is genius. – BC

I’m going to say you jumped the shark on this one, Max. – CW

some folks seem to think this movie is going to usher in a wave of breeder porn at TIM. give me a break. TIM pushes limits. that is their idee fixe. if you don’t lilke the idea of this dvd, here is an idea: gee, don’t buy it. – BANM

Those straight guys are on my Christmas list. Kyle Ferris



It doesn’t matter to me i just like to watch people fuck. CLD



On August 5, 2015, in FUCK HOLES 3, by Max Sohl

FUCK HOLES 3 is here.

– One huge no loads refused 20-man gangbang with Ryan Cummings.

– Lukas Cipriani with Tommy Deluca.

– Lukas Cipriani with Rocco Steele.

– Transgirl Sami Price bred by Rob Yaeger.

– One top two bottoms – Aussie top Flynn Evans taking on the holes of Eli Lewis and Kyle Ferris.

– Max’s first ever controversial straight creampie gangbang scene shot for gay eyes.

FULL CAST:  Darrell Bass, Tony Bishop, Sam Bridle, Lukas Cipriani, Ryan Cummings, Tommy Deluca, Flynn Evans, Kyle Ferris, Gavin Greene, Eric Hassan, Jesse James, Eric Klein, Lucas Knight, Eli Lewis, Toby Nelson, Sami Price, Siouxsie Q, Saul, Gage Sin, Rocco Steele, Michael Vegas, Rob Yaeger, Yury, James X, Kobra X and many more!!!










Trans Girl Cis Boy – Sami Price and Rob Yaeger

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Coming 080515 Rob Yaeger @yaegerman in FUCK HOLES 3   FREE TRAILER!!!


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The World’s First Queer Inter-Gender Bareback Video.

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