The extra bonus scene in SPERM ASSAULT features my wayward stepchild Christian taking on the crazy kanuck of the uncut north Jessy Karson.

Paul Morris calls Christian a force of nature and I have to agree.  Someone even sent us an email recently complaining that Christian gets fucked too well in Sperm Assault.  Is that even possible for a bottom to get fucked TOO good?

I very rarely bring a still camera along to shoots, so it’s unusual that I have any photographs from scenes that aren’t actually still captures from the video.

Please enjoy these pics I took during the shoot including some stills from some bathroom showerstall play that eventually got cut from the movie.

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I seem to have a calling for pimping out the holes of men who are or who want to be total cum dumps and abandon all hope for their holes when agreeing to let me whore them out.  I love it when a guy tells me his load record and begs me to help him beat it.

There is nothing better than hard dick after hard dick lining up to take a turn in a well used ass except for maybe when the hole can no longer contain the spurts of cum and it starts to spill out with each thrust and white drops of cum fly everywhere like a nor’easter hail storm of sperm.

Vencint Knight told me he wanted me to whore him out and when he showed up for Tim Skyler’s gangbang he was lookin’ so sexy that I said sure, why not?  I brought in some familiar faces like Jason and Jayden Brooks and Sergio from Sperm Bank and Eddie from Christian’s 24 Cocks in 24 Hours and then spent way too much time posting ads to Craig’s List and ya know that bareback site.

The result?  Scene 6 from Sperm Assault = Vencint Knight vs. The Cum Dumpers.

How many loads did Vencint take?  I lost count.  Enjoy these exclusive pictures.

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When I first met big dick top Nature he told me about this fantasy that he had to use a bottom’s cum as lube to dump his nut in the bottom’s hole.  So, I gave Isaiah Foxx a call and asked him if he would be up for cumming on Nature’s cock and then getting bred by it.  It didn’t take much convincing.  Although Isaiah forgot to mention that he’s one of those bottom guys who needs to take a break after he cums before he can get fucked again.

Well – Nature wasn’t having any of that – he was too horned up and the sperm was too fresh not to be used immediately.  Nature plows the hell out of Foxx’s hole while he tries his hardest to get away from the thrusts of Nature’s about to shoot meat.  In the end Nature gets exactly what he wanted.

Check out these exclusive blog pictures from this great scene from SPERM ASSAULT.

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Ian Jay a top?  What the fuck is going on?  Are we in an alternate universe?  One where our favorite pig slut whore thousand load taking bottoms turn into TOPs?

The short answer is HELL to the YEAH!

I heard Tober Brandt was in town and I was working on the now defunct Flip Me concept – that is a movie featuring guys flip fucking (and uh we’ll never try that again).  Somehow or other we got to talking about the scene in Paul Morris’ Bone Deep where Tober fucks Ian Jay.  Now normally if 2 guys do a 1-on-1 the last thing we would do is shoot a second scene with the same 2 guys.  But – Ian and Tober wanted to flip.  I thought, OK – why the fuck not give it a try?  Manomania – I didn’t think we were going to end up with the same outstanding quality that Paul got from these 2, but ya know – sometimes 90% of directing porn (theater, movies, or anything else) is just getting the right guys in the same room and then following their lead.

I already told Ian his escort business is in trouble cos’ every bottom in the country is gonna want some of this.  And why wouldn’t they?  Taking Ian Jay’s load is like taking the DNA of every man who has ever bred him.

Enjoy these exclusive blog pictures.

The Sperm Assault DVD is NOW shipping (and on sale for a limited time!)

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Scene 3 of Sperm Assault is what I consider a perfect 1-on-1.

We got a need-to-breed so New York aggressive Latino top man in Dimitri Santiago just fucking the hell out of new comer Jake Majors who begs for it while he snorts poppers and just generally falls into a state of bliss at the prospect of the inevitable breeding.

Seriously.  Look at this picture of Jake’s face and tell me that is not the epitome of rapture?

A rather astute blog reader has already identified Jake Majors under his pseudonym Lil’ T having his cherry popped on x-tube.  But I think other than that this is his real porn debut.  I think you will be seeing more of him soon.

My crew and I have voted Dimitri Santiago as the top we all most want to bend over for in a dark alley.

Enjoy these exclusive blog pictures.

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Where in the porn movie is Nate Reynolds?

On November 14, 2010, in Sperm Assault, by Max Sohl

Can you find my production pig Nate Reynolds in this still capture from SPERM ASSAULT?

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Back in August I wrote about my porn crush on Mr. Marky in a post titled Christian vs Mr Marky.

At the time I was just working on the rough cut for SPERM ASSAULT (now available for download-to-own and/or pre-order the DVD).

This is one of those scenes that makes you happy to be a pornographer. Mr. Marky is a horny and free-spirited ebony top man with a huge cock – and when I say huge, I mean huge – that loves to fuck hole.

The scene starts off with a great dick worshipping section and you can almost see the excitement in Christian’s eyes when he is down on his knees lookin up at Mr. Marky’s and slurpin on that big piece of man-meat.

They were supposed to get right to the fucking on a sling but somehow they ended up smushing on the mattress on the floor before the sling breeding begins. I get that not every bottom can take it the way Marky likes to give it, so good thing Christian was there to accommodate that huge fucker. I could tell that he was giddy to have a hole for his cock that could actually take it with hard and long thrusts without whining or complaining. Of course Christian always shocks the hell outta me by egging his tops on and this scene is no exception as he tells Marky to “make it hurt” and to “fuck me harder” – you can tell he means it. (Damn my ass hurt just looking at that cock!)  But that’s one of the many reasons Christian is a Treasure Island Media exclusive – have I mentioned Christian’s PERFECT hole?

This is a great scene – even if I do say so myself – the chemistry is spot on and the fucking is balls to the wall – and for all you guys who keep asking for it – the whole thing culminates in a delicious internal cumshot!!!

Enjoy these exclusive blog pics!!!

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SPERM ASSAULT – Trailer and First Look

On November 3, 2010, in Sperm Assault, by Max Sohl

I am thrilled to announce the release of my new sex tape SPERM ASSAULT along with the trailer that so many of you have asked to see… The download-to-own version is available now at The DVD is available for pre-order.

Directed by: Max Sohl
Produced by: Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media Exclusives: Christian and Kurt Wood
Starring: Tim Skyler, Marco Cruise, Dimitri Santiago, Ian Jay, Fyerfli, Tober Brandt, Isaiah Foxx, Jake Majors, Jayden Brooks, Jessy Karson, Justin, Kevin Slater, Nature, Vencint Knight, Mr. Marky, and many more.

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Sperm Assault

Pre-Release Scene Available to Download Now!!!

Marco Cruise Vs. Mr. Marky & Dimitri Santiago

SPERM ASSAULT is my new sex tape that will be released on DVD in November.

This scorching hot pre-release scene features uber-cunt bottom MARCO CRUISE being fucked and bred within an inch of his life by mega hung top men MR. MARKY and DIMITRI SANTIAGO.

These two alpha males take the it bareback bottom of the year on a double pounding sexcapade, using each other’s cum for lube before finally assaulting his hole with their huge loads of man sperm.

Mr. Marky is Treasure Island Media’s new find – a ridiculously handsome black stud with a fat ten-inch cock who approaches each hole he fucks like a kid in a candy store.

And the best part of SPERM ASSAULT?  He’s featured in not one – but two scenes.


Coming November 2010.

Click this link to watch this scene now.

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Sperm Assault

On October 12, 2010, in Cumming Soon, Sperm Assault, by Max Sohl

It’s official.

The name of my next sex tape is SPERM ASSAULT.

Starring TIM Exclusives Christian and Kurt Wood; Featuring Dimitri Santiago, Fyerfli, Ian Jay, Isaiah Foxx, Jake Majors, Jayden Brooks, Jessy Karson, Justin, Kevin Slater, Marco Cruise, Nature, Tim Skyler, Tober Brandt, Vincent Knight and making his Treasure Island Media debut: the incredible Mr. Marky.

Stock up on the Abolene – Sperm Assault – Coming Soon!

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