Cody Winter told me he specifically wanted to do a scene for TIMSUCK and show off his cocksucking and cum eating skills.  I brought in Jacob Powell – who reminds me of 90s pornstar Lee Ryder.  And he’s got one fat motherfucking cock.




Cody has a ball servicing that monster dick and swallowing all of Jacob’s load.


Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.

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Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter (the porn star formerly known as TIM Exclusive Joe Rocco) take turns sucking each other off back and forth fucking stretching licking until they feed each other huge cum nuts.


Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.






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Dani blows Saul and DeSantos #timsuck

On April 10, 2015, in TIMSUCK, by Max Sohl

There’s nothing Dani loves more than servicing an uncut Latino dick. He goes crazy when we double his fun offering up burro-hung studs Saul and DeSantos for the hungry cocksucker to worship, feast on, and swallow.


Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.






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Eli Lewis sucks off Tommy Deluca #timsuck

On April 4, 2015, in TIMSUCK, by Max Sohl

The ever handsome (cute, sweet and hot) Eli Lewis goes to town on Tommy Deluca’s huge lollipop of a cock.






U wanna see him suck it?  Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.

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I AM: Eli Lewis

On April 3, 2015, in Behind The Scenes, by Max Sohl

Eli Lewis Interview Treasure Island Media
“Pocket Gaysian” Eli Lewis is a TOP’s wet dream. The former ballet dancer and kinky power bottom has recently taken the plunge into bareback porn for TIM and can be seen in his first interracial scene on TIMFuck with Champ Robinson and Tony Bishop.  He’s also  most recently on TIMSuck where the thirsty cocksucker throat-fucks Tommy Deluca’s ten-inch dick. Read more about Eli in this exclusive interview. Be sure to follow Eli on Twitter for more up-to-date news on his life. 

TIM: So how did you get involved in porn? Have you been a TIM fan for long?

Eli Lewis: I first got started in porn about two years ago after friends in the industry finally convinced me to try it out. I had been escorting for a few months, so it seemed like a natural transition. What’s not to like? I’m getting paid to have sex with a plethora of attractive men and travel the world – it’s every gay boy’s wicked, little fantasy! I’ve LOVED TIM for awhile because of the raw (pun intended) energy and sexuality each performer puts out in front of the camera. I find it relatable to a lot of my hookups and it’s sexy as fuck!


TIM: Why did you decide to go bareback? What made you decide to take the plunge?

Eli Lewis:  I have a lot of friends who work in bareback porn and I’ve wanted to work with them for a long time, so it was a matter of strategically planning out how to make the crossover. I definitely didn’t want to alienate my fans from previous work, so choosing the right time, partners, and studios was all very calculated. Of course, I also consulted a lot of my friends in the industry because, while I certainly love filming bareback, I don’t want it to prevent me from working with other studios who opt for condoms in their scenes. Sex can be hot with or without a condom, and I take that and practice it in my personal life, so I definitely want to show that as well in my porn scenes. 

Eli Lewis Champ Robinson Tony Bishop on TIMFuck

TIM: Your threesome scene on TIMFuck was amazing! What was it like to do your first interracial scene on camera?

Eli Lewis: Thank you! I was thrilled to be paired with Champ and Tony as I have loved and known them for awhile, so I knew our chemistry would be explosive. I’ve been surprised to find that I have not often, if ever, been paired with a lot of African-American models in the past, and I love me a big black dick so hopefully I’ll get to work with many more black studs in the future. 

Eli Lewis Interview for Treasure Island Media

TIM: What kind of guys turn you on?

Eli Lewis:  My physical type greatly varies depending on my mood: I can go for cute and twinky one minute and then crave a big muscle daddy the next. I guess my ideal physical type is someone who is taller than I am, with broad shoulders, who is physically fit, with a more dominant demeanor. I love power play, as I’m an aggressive bottom myself, so if you pair me with someone who wants to take control I will want to steal it back from him and use his cock to service and pleasure me. 

TIM: If you could bang anyone in the industry, who would it be and why? 

Eli Lewis: current big crush is Rocco Steele, who was the model I chose to film my first bareback scene with and I can’t wait to work with him again… and again… and again. I’m aching to work with Antonio Biaggi and having his huge balls slapping against me as he rams that thick cock inside my tight hole. Can we make that happen? Please and thank you! 

Eli Lewis Tommy Deluca on TIMSuck

TIM: What do you do in your off-time? Do you have another career?

Eli Lewis:  I’m currently working towards geting into culinary school, not only because I’m a HUGE foodie, but because it really is one of my big passions. Until then porn, escorting, go-go dancing, club appearances, and bartending gigs are allowing me to dance through life and experience New York City to the fullest.

TIM: Where do you like to hang out in NYC in terms of clubs, etc.? 

Eli Lewis: I’m BIG on dive bars. The 9th Avenue Saloon in Hell’s Kitchen is definitely a watering hole, followed by The Eagle in Chelsea, Eastern Bloc in the East Village, and bar hopping all up and down Christopher Street. I like a social atmosphere where I can talk to my friends without music blaring in our ears, and maybe finding trade by the end of the night.

Eli Lewis Interview for Treasure Island Media

TIM: In your application you said that you love DP and are working on getting rid of your gag reflex. Can you tell us more?

Eli Lewis: I finally experimented with double-penetration last summer and have never turned back! My third attempt at it was live on stage with Max Cameron and Bravo Delta which, was not only a complete success, but left me craving both of them more – so you know we’re now hanging out as much as possible! It’s definitely not my go-to party trick, with threesomes being more difficult to coordinate than Sunday brunch with a bunch of homos, but I do love the feeling of two cocks sliding deep inside me. My gag reflex is another story unless I have a regular fuck buddy or boyfriend it tends to come back so I’m still working on training it back out. There’s nothing hotter than a bottom who can swallow a shaft without tearing up. Give me a few weeks to work on it, then bring me back on for a TIMSUCK session! 

Eli Lewis Champ Robinson for TIMFuck

TIM: Why do you consider yourself a “power bottom”? What does that mean to you?

Eli Lewis: I am a self-described power bottom because I often break my tops before they wear me out. It’s an acquired talent which took years of disciplined training and meditation – also my mother, of all people, taught me the magical trick of breathing while you’re getting fucked to help relax and ease it on in (Thanks, mum!). To me, a power bottom is someone who doesn’t necessarily need to be aggressive, but knows exactly what he wants from his top and asks for or demands it. No one likes a lazy bottom, but no one likes a backseat driver either – so it’s about balancing your role as the more submissive partner but meeting your partner halfway – or even further. Don’t shy away from the dick, meet it head on and balls deep! 

Eli Lewis in Bondage

TIM: You used to be a ballet dancer, are you super flexible?

Eli Lewis: I am a classically-trained ballet dancer and was part of that industry for a solid 18 years before I retired and made the natural transition into gay porn, haha! My flexibility is still definitely there, though not as extreme as when I was training full-time, which is why a lot of directors love to feature and make use of that, resulting in me in compromising and often uncomfortable positions – but it’s all in good fun! 

BONUS. I’m starting to explore my kinkier side with the help of Jessie Colter, Sebastian Keys, and a few of my amazing friends in the fetish community. Bondage is something that definitely excites me, and I’ve been told I look good tied up – it’s a fun outlet for me, and I love to play with It’s definitely an out-of-body experience that leaves me feeling high on life. I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

Eli Lewis For TIMPorn

The Best of Trevor Snow

On April 3, 2015, in FLOODED, TIMFUCK, TIMSUCK, by Max Sohl

Trevor Snow has just joined twitter  (follow him bitches) so I thought I would take a moment to recall my favorite Trevor moments on TIMFUCK and the same scene on Best of Christian, TIMSUCK and most recently FLOODED.

TIMFUCK (February 20, 2013 update), later appeared on BEST OF CHRISTIAN DVD:
















TIMSUCK (October 9th update) with Owen Powers:









TIMFUCK (September 5, 2012 update) with Dominik Rider







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One of our favorite cocksuckers ROGAN HARDY called up Max and told him he had a straight Southern boy uncut cock he “wanted to TIMSUCK“. MATT HURST watches some straight porn while he gets that big ol’ boy thing serviced ‘cos sometimes a mouth is just a mouth.







Check it out now – only on TIMSUCK.

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who wants a blow job?

On February 25, 2015, in TIMSUCK, by Max Sohl

if you are in the new york city area and want a blow job from one of my many most excellent cocksuckers hit me up…


yes.  this is for on video.

yes.  you have to show your face.

e-mail Nate Reynolds directly at nate@treasureislandmedia.com

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Krave Moore has a HUGE dick. Like…seriously HUGE! One of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. Being a cock connoisseur I’ve seen my fair share of big dicks so that’s saying alot.

What’s better than having 1 mouth on a dick? That would be having 2 on a dick. We knew Krave’s big piece of meat was enough to go around, and then some!

Watch Kyle Ferris and newcomer James Eden work their way around Krave’s dick. Kissing it, licking it, sucking it, sharing it between themselves, and then finally seeing who gets that sweet nectar down their throats. You’ll have to watch it to see who’s the lucky cocksucker to get the reward for a job well done.

Available now on www.timsuck.com










Cockhound Brock Rustin devours Ale Tedesco’s uncut meat, sucking slurping milking until he gets the Italian native’s big creamy load down his throat.







Check it out now.  Only on TIMSUCK.

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